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May 2014

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  • New Chapter’s B Corp Certification
    Being the Change

  • Celebrating Earth Day
    Giving Back to the Community 

  • What are B Corps?
    People. Profit. Planet.

Seek the Truth

Turmeric is a key ingredient in many of our products including Turmeric Force®, and much of our Turmeric is sourced from India.

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We’ve Joined the Certified B Corp Movement!

B Corporation logoWe are delighted to announce our next new chapter in socially responsible business—New Chapter® has achieved B Corp Certification! We’re joining a vibrant community of like-minded companies that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Certified B Corporations are inspired to be not just the best in the world, but the best for the world. The B stands for “Benefit.”

As a Certified B Corp, New Chapter will use the power of business to benefit three areas: people, planet, and profit. Meeting these higher standards also happens to align perfectly with our mission for the past 32 years—working toward an organic, sustainable world. “Since wellness, sustainability, and ethical sourcing are our whole way of life at New Chapter,” says our founder, Paul Schulick, “we believe defining our success in these terms is not only exciting, it’s essential.”

A Farm of His Own

One key area of responsibility for Certified B Corps is demonstrating a positive impact in the area of “Community,” including suppliers. Consider the story of Ganapathy Shetty, who lives in the Indian state of Karnataka. Ganapathy Shetty worked in a cooperative facility processing the harvest of other farmers. But several years ago, Mr. Shetty was able to start a new chapter in his life. With the help of his employer, Mr. Shetty created a nest egg to buy land and start a farm of his own. He learned English, went through the lengthy process of organic certification for his fields, and is now running his own business… supplying Turmeric to the very cooperative where he used to work. Just like New Chapter, Ganapathy Shetty is being the change.

We’re proud to have Mr. Shetty and others like him grow most of the organic Turmeric used in New Chapter’s full-spectrum herbal products including Turmeric Force® and Zyflamend® Whole Body.

Earth Day at New Chapter

In honor of Earth Day, New Chapter asked employees company-wide to nominate local organizations to receive apple trees. On Earth Day (April 22) local schools, non-profits, and childcare organizations visited New Chapter to receive their apple trees. To learn more about our community and philanthropic partners please visit the  sustainability section of our website.

New Chapter staff participating in the Earth Day tree giveaway

A New Chapter in Socially Conscious Business

Becoming a Certified B Corp is similar to Fair Trade certification or LEED certification—but for the whole business, not only for a product or a building. Watch the video below to learn about the movement that is redefining success in business.


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