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April 2014

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Sea Buckthorn is the source of the Omega-7 in Supercritical Omega-7 and is known as one of Nature’s “good fats.”

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Women’s Wellness: A New Chapter Perspective from Our Own Ruthie M.

Here at New Chapter®, we’re so proud of our products formulated especially for women, supporting every stage of life. We’re also proud of the New Chapter women who work every day to provide these products for you. We checked in with Ruthie M., Designer in our Creative Services department and mother of two, to get her perspective on working at New Chapter and keeping a healthy work-life balance day to day.

Ruthie M. of New Chapter and her daughter

Ruthie, what are your go-to New Chapter products?

Wholemega® Whole Fish Oil is one of my favorites. I feel confident knowing that Omegas are good for me, especially since I don’t get to eat fish as often as I’d like. I started taking it when I was pregnant with my son. Taking a fish oil felt beneficial for the baby and for me. I also took Perfect Prenatal® multivitamin throughout my pregnancy for additional nutritional support.

How else do you nourish your body?

I try to eat well and get a variety of foods in my diet, such as making something for breakfast that incorporates good vegetables. When you have kids it can be challenging to get veggies in their meals. I often encourage the kids to help me in the kitchen, and then they want to try their creations.

Ruthie M. of New Chapter and her sonHonestly, the only way I fit wellness activities into my life is when I do them with my children. Much of my daily routine is being active with my kids. I get lots of my daily activity playing tag with them! We go skating together or take nature walks. My daughter brings a basket and we look for interesting things in the woods, collect them, then discuss them later. I do kid-friendly yoga with them. I enjoy creating opportunities for the kids to learn through wellness activities. I’m not only having fun with them and helping them maintain healthy balance, but it helps me, too.

Why do you love working at New Chapter?

I was originally attracted to New Chapter by the sustainability factor—New Chapter incorporates sustainability into their very being. One of the first things I learned about New Chapter was the cycle of packaging being reused. I’m really excited that we’re a Certified B Corporation now, as that demonstrates our commitment to people and planet. For my own job, I love being part of Creative Services where we get to help educate people through design—about New Chapter, our products, our sustainable commitments, and our philosophy.

Thank you, Ruthie—for this interview and for all that you do!


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Sip a Ginger Energy Smoothie!

As a designer at New Chapter, Ruthie M. had the idea of adding this smoothie recipe in a promotion. Not only did she create the layout for the recipe, but she tested it and took this gorgeous photo.

"Energy Smoothie" on a sunny picnic table

A New Chapter in Socially Conscious Business

Did you hear we’re now a Certified B Corporation? Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are a new kind of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.  To learn more visit,

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