Take Care & Beyond: Health from the Plant Kingdom   

Supplements for Critical Areas of Health

New Chapter’s Take Care™ products and other herbal supplements are each carefully formulated to support critical areas of health, such as bone strength, women’s wellness, and healthy mood.*

Bone Health Support from the Sea

Nowhere is the New Chapter Take Care™ difference more dramatic than in calcium supplements. Most products on the market that contain calcium are derived from limestone. New Chapter’s Bone Strength Take Care™ delivers plant-based calcium derived from Red Marine Algae, which is sustainably harvested from Icelandic shores. Learn more about our plant sourced calcium supplements.

Inspired by Science & Tradition

New Chapter’s multi-herbal supplements are expertly blended combinations of revered botanicals. Our formulations are guided by both science and tradition, as we consider centuries-old herbal knowledge right alongside the latest scientific studies. The results? Unique herbal supplements designed to take care of specific areas of health, including:

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