Sustainability: Environmental Integrity Sustainability: Environmental Integrity

Committed to Environmental Integrity

100% recyclable packaging

Minimizing our impact on the environment also means we make environmentally conscious packaging. We strive to use the highest percent of recycled content in product boxes, marketing materials, and display units.  We use 100% recycled corrugated shipping boxes within a closed loop system, which means the corrugate we recycle is looped back to us for reuse again and again.  New Chapter is constantly evaluating options for reducing our footprint and are members of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. 

Reducing our waste stream

We currently compost, recycle or reuse more than 80% of the waste we produce – everything from lunch leftovers and office paper to pallets and shrink-wrap. We’ve also contracted with a local farm that takes all of our compostable waste, including all paper products, for use in their own organic compost.

We began a waste stream assessment four years ago and continue to make improvements and reach higher levels of efficiency.  This dynamic record of our annual progress helps us understand our daily impact and identify enduring ways to reduce it.

Reducing our carbon footprint

We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We utilize high-level efficiency, full-spectrum lighting throughout our headquarters and motion sensor lighting in our rest rooms. The goal of every new step we take is to make our headquarters as energy efficient as possible.

In 2009, New Chapter performed a baseline carbon inventory and assessment – an important step toward understanding our carbon and energy impact. We are comparing this baseline analysis year-by-year to help us measure our performance, meet our reduction goals and report our annual achievements.

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