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Get Up & Go… Beyond Glucosamine!


Move with Zyflamend

How Are You Maintaining Mobility?

For joint health support, many people turn to Glucosamine supplements. The truth is, supporting healthy bones and joints is more than cartilage maintenance. We can also support our ability to flex and move with targeted compounds from the Wisdom of Nature.

Maintaining bone and joint health daily with whole-food nutrients and herbs can pay off, supporting mobility for better quality of life. The very basis of mobility is joint flexibility—a healthy range of motion in the places where muscle, connective tissue, and bones meet. From the hard-working knee to the intricately articulated finger, joints are complex intersections of structure and function that can be affected by age and by daily use.

Flex! . . . with the #1-Selling Natural Calcium

Bone Strength Take Care® from New Chapter® provides whole-food, easy-to-swallow Calcium and targeted nutrients to foster bone health.* What’s more, studies show that the plant-sourced Calcium and trace minerals in Bone Strength Take Care help support healthy joint function.* As we get older, Vitamin D3 and Calcium help support healthy muscle function, which is key for continued joint flexibility.* This supports our ability to get up and move, such as rising from seated to standing.* So with Bone Strength Take Care, you get ingredients that support not only the joint’s bone strength, but also its ability to flex, straighten, and bend.*

Calcium Source: Plant Versus Limestone

The most common form of calcium supplement today is derived from rocks (limestone). Bone Strength Take Care is different. The Calcium complex in Bone Strength Take Care is derived from a specific plant form called Red Marine Algae (Lithothamnion), sustainably harvested from pristine shores along the Icelandic coastline. This plant-based calcium grows in an intricate matrix of minerals organized in a natural honeycomb structure, and it delivers whole-food Calcium, Magnesium, and other trace minerals.

Move! . . . with the #1-SellingPatented Herbal

To help you maintain mobility, seek daily support from Zyflamend®, the multi-herbal that’s as important for you as your multivitamin. Zyflamend is the patented herbal blend that has been clinically studied to help keep you moving.*Zyflamend is an intelligent blend of full-spectrum herbal extracts containing a multitude of naturally occurring compounds. These whole, active phytonutrients work together to support joint health.* Perhaps as important as your daily multivitamin, Zyflamend helps your whole body stay balanced and healthy every single day.*

Patented Herbal Formula

Many of the herbs in Zyflamend have been used traditionally to support human health and longevity in cultures around the world. Chinese Skullcap, Chinese Goldthread, Hu Zhang, and Barberry are time-honored tonic herbs in the Chinese herbal tradition. Rosemary and Oregano are native to the Mediterranean region. Zyflamend’s Hu Zhang is a natural source of resveratrol, one of the heart-supportive compounds in red wine—part of the healthy Mediterranean diet.* Turmeric, Ginger, and Holy Basil are common elements in Asian and Indian wellness regimes. Green Tea is cultivated and consumed across this region—and revered for its many remarkable properties.



We invite you to discover the New Chapter way to Flex & Move: whole-food nutrients and herbals for supporting bone and joint health. 


†According to 2014 SPINS® Market Research

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