Immune Support: A Natural Approach

Nature’s immune supporting wisdom

When it comes to immune function, New Chapter believes in the power of whole-food nourishment and the holistic approach natural remedies provide. New Chapter has found that certain foods & herbs, when sufficiently concentrated and intelligently blended, can promote healthy immune function.* For example, you’ll find the wisdom of elderberry in New Chapter’s Immune Take Care.

Mushrooms for Immune Support*

Mushrooms have long been recognized for their key role in supporting the immune system*, especially Reishi – abundant in New Chapter’s LifeShield® Immunity. Like all of the organic mushrooms in our Lifeshield mushroom formulas, Reishi is grown to its full life-cycle form to deliver the mushroom’s whole protective shield.

Mushrooms for Respiratory Support*

More than 50 years of research has confirmed that mushrooms are a unique class of natural therapeutics capable of addressing a wide range of health concerns, including respiratory function *. Select species of tonic mushrooms can promote normal respiration and function*. New Chapter’s LifeShield® Breathe is formulated with a bounty of these select species, including Cordyceps.

An herbal approach

Ginger has been used worldwide for thousands of years for its numerous potent health benefits. And you’ll find the world’s most potent, full-spectrum ginger extract in New Chapter’s Ginger Force®. Garlic is a renowned antioxidant universally appreciated for its cardiovascular benefits. You’ll find the world's first and only dual extract  - supercritical and hydroethanolic – of garlic in New Chapter’s Garlic Force.