Joint Health and Mobility

Joint health is a daily focus for tens of millions of Americans. Healthy joint function is linked to overall quality of life—from the basic ability to rise from seated to standing to being able to move around with relative comfort. The basis of mobility is joint flexibility, which means having a healthy range of motion in the places where muscle, connective tissue, and bones meet. From the hard-working knee to the intricately articulated finger, joints are complex intersections of structure and function that can be affected by age and daily use.

Bone Health Matters

Because bones are integral components of joints, maintaining bone health is also an important part of supporting overall joint function. The truth is, many people turn to glucosamine supplements for joint health support, but supporting healthy bones and joints is more than cartilage maintenance. Targeted compounds from the Wisdom of Nature—including whole-food plant-sourced Calcium and full-spectrum herbs—can help maintain bone and joint health daily to support mobility and better quality of life.

Get Up & Go… with Alternatives to Glucosamine

Discover the plant-sourced Calcium & trace minerals in Bone Strength Take Care®, which have been shown to aid joint flexibility and function.* Bone Strength Take Care is also formulated with 1000 IU of Vitamin D3 per serving. As we get older, Vitamin D (particularly Vitamin D3) and Calcium help support healthy muscle function, which is key for continued joint flexibility.* This supports our ability to get up and move, such as rising from seated to standing.* So with Bone Strength Take Care, you get a joint supplement with ingredients that support not only the joint’s bone strength, but also its ability to flex, straighten, and bend.*    

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