Joint Health

Joint Health

Understanding Joint Health


Joint health and mobility

Joint health is a daily focus for tens of millions of Americans and millions more around the world. So it’s no wonder joint health is an ongoing and ever-increasing area of focus.  Therefore, maintaining joint health daily with whole-food nutrients and herbs can pay off, supporting mobility and quality of life for years to come.   The very basis of mobility is joint flexibility-a healthy range of motion in the places where muscle, connective tissue, and bones meet.  Form the hard working knee to the intricately articulated finger, joints are complex intersections of structure and function that can be affected by age and daily use.


Vitamin K2 and joint health

While calcium is universally recognized as a nutrient critical to maintaining bone health*, research suggests that Natural Vitamin K2 is a critical “carrier” for calcium, helping it go into your bones where it’s needed vs. your arteries and soft tissues (e.g. joints), where it can cause stiffening. Unfortunately, most people don’t get nearly enough of it on a daily basis through the foods they eat, which is why many turn to supplements like New Chapter’s Bone Strength Take Care®.

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