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February 2013

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Wholemega's 100% Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

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Love Your Heart Right . . . with Whole-Food Fish Oil

Are those heart-covered Valentines reminding you to show more love to a certain hard-working part of the body? Yes, February is Heart Health Month, and it’s the perfect time for a quick refresher on heart-health basics.

One of the most important things to know about maintaining heart health is: You can do it! By making small changes and staying on track from day to day, you’ll help support a healthy heart and cardiovascular system, and that in turn helps your overall health. Top heart-healthy recommendations include:

  • Getting regular moderate-intensity physical activity
  • Eating a variety of healthy foods, including low-fat and high-fiber choices (think whole grains, vegetables, and fruit)
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Getting recommended checkups and tests
  • Avoiding smoking and limiting alcohol intake

Check with your healthcare practitioner for more specifics.

wholemega whole fish oil

Another recommendation for supporting heart health is to consume healthy Omega fatty acids from fish. Wholemega Whole Fish Oil from New Chapter makes it easy to get these “good fats” regularly. Wholemega packs a full complement of seventeen whole Omegas that can benefit your health, including Omega-3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9’s. In fact, taking Wholemega† every day for a week provides the same amount of whole Omegas as three servings of Wild Alaskan Salmon! And Wholemega has been clinically shown to help retain healthy triglyceride levels and to improve the Omega-3 Index, a studied heart-health marker.* Learn More about New Chapter's heart-healthy fish oil.*

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Education, Education, Education!

At New Chapter, we believe in the power of education. All of our products have a unique story on how its formulation delivers the wisdom of Nature and offers a new chapter in health and wellness, and we do our best to provide you with the education needed to help you reach your overall health goals. Whether it's our website, our FaceBook page, brochures, or this e-newsletter, we always strive to provide you with the Whole Truth. Your health is an important matter which is why we have a knowledgable team dedicated to bringing you information first-hand. Visit our Events Page often to see if there is a training, seminar, or lecture at a health food store near you.

Where Does Your Fish Oil Come From?

Many of us pay special attention to where our food comes from since it's important to know what's going into our bodies.  The truth is, the choices you make at the register can have a larger impact than you think . . . and that goes beyond just food.  From produce to meat, to body care or supplements, the source of the products you buy is not only important for your health but it's also important for the health of our planet. With Wholemega Whole Fish Oil, you can be sure your choice is a sustainable one. Wholemega is 100% wild-caught Alaskan salmon oil, sourced from some of the world's cleanest and purest waters. But, are all fish oils the same? Learn more

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