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October 2013

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Happy October & Happy Non-GMO Month

Here at New Chapter we are taking a stand for the avoidance of GMOs.  It started a few years back when we became the first vitamin and supplement company to achieve Non-GMO Project Verification.  Our mission continues today as we commit to quality and integrity when choosing the ingredients when formulating our products.  In honor of Non-GMO month, as well as our desire to educate on this important topic, we are dedicating this e-newsletter to Non-GMO education. 

What does GMO mean? 

GMO is commonly used to reference crop plants that have been modified through gene-splicing biotechnology.  It’s a controversial science that allows DNA from different species to be injected into one another.  The limited long-term scientific research of the impact of GMO’s makes many environmental activists, public interest groups, and socially conscious consumers concerned. 

Who is taking a stand?

According to the Center for Food Safety, over 60 countries, including the EU and Russia, currently require mandatory GMO labeling standards.  Here in the United States, GMO labeling initiatives are bubbling up across the country in response to people wanting to know what they are putting in their body. Fortunately, thousands of products in the U.S. bear the Non-GMO Project seal. 

What can you do?

Look for the Non GMO Project Verified seal at your local retailer and support those products that bear it.  We have a right to know what we are putting in our bodies and currently the Non-GMO Project is the leader in GMO avoidance and labeling. 




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Purple Loves Green

At New Chapter we believe in making sustainable decisions through our every act of business.  We are committed to sustainable practices in the sourcing, production, and promotion of our products.  Click here here to learn more about our Sustainability practices and our Non-GMO Project Verified products.

New Chapter in Your Neighborhood

We have a great resource on our website to help you locate a New Chapter retailer near you that carries Non-GMO Project Verified products.  Need to find a retailer for a long-distance family member or friend? Just type in the ZIP code or town/state for their location and we'll provide you with a list of retailers near them. 

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