Stress & Energy: A Daily Challenge

Does less stress = more energy?

We all want less stress and more energy. Fortunately, addressing one can have an impact on the other; during times of stress, the demand for energy increases exponentially. All else being equal, a reduction in stress should produce an increase in energy. Unfortunately, too many of the things we face on a daily basis – traffic, screaming kids, financial troubles, an argument with a spouse, even the feeling that we must always stay busy – all register as threatening situations – leaving our bodies in a constant state of overdrive.

Mental, emotional & physical impact

If the stressors don’t go away or our bodies are unable to adapt, the metabolic equivalent of “burnout” will occur.  When this happens, our mental, emotional, and physical health may suffer. The fact that up to 90% of health care practitioner visits in the US are stress-related suggests that most of us could use a little assistance with adaptation, recovery and energy production. That’s why New Chapter offers a complete line of stress and energy supplements, including Perfect Energy and Perfect Calm®.

Adapting to stress, improving energy

Over five decades of research suggest that a group of herbs called adaptogens have the unique ability to condition the nervous system to deal with a broad range of stressors -- without robbing the body of vital energy. Adaptogens have been shown to modulate the release of the stress hormone cortisol, improve energy and endurance, maintain a balanced mood, and reduce oxidative stress.*  The later is especially valuable since oxidative stress can damage cells, impairing their ability to produce energy.