Stress Relief & Energy Support: The New Chapter Approach

Stimulant energy “boosters” like caffeine and artificially sweetened energy drinks do not necessarily provide the kind of relief from stress and energy support our bodies seek. Fortunately, Nature has provided us with an array of ingredients that, when sufficiently concentrated and expertly blended, can provide natural stress relief and balanced energy support.

Support stress & mood, naturally

If you experience stress in the form of nervous tension, consider the soothing and uplifting effects of New Chapter’s Holy Basil Force®. If you simply want to benefit from a balanced blend of time-tested adaptogens, consider New Chapter’s Perfect Calm.

Some of the most important nutrients for supporting the nervous system and maintaining immune health during times of stress are B vitamins. New Chapter’s Coenzyme B Food Complex delivers the full synergistic complex of B vitamins in the form of a probiotic whole-food. The addition of 11 stress-balancing and immune supportive herbs and mushrooms make our Coenzyme B Food complex the ultimate in B vitamin support.*