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Revitalize your life, without added sugars or calories.

Maintain consistent energy with New Chapter’s whole-food nutrients and herbs.* Skip the extra cups of coffee and sugary sodas, and energize your body the way Nature intended.

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Living life to its fullest isn’t always easy.

We probably all experience low energy at some point – feeling sluggish, unmotivated, and just plain tired. An energy rush works for a little bit, but then leaves you crashing. With New Chapter in your daily routine, you can avoid this roller coaster ride and enjoy balanced energy levels.*

Your demanding schedule deserves your full attention.

Instead of reaching for a chemical-filled energy drink every afternoon, you can maintain your energy levels with the help of daily multivitamins made with Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients.* With New Chapter energy support, you won’t deal with an energy drink’s sugar crash. Our supplements are made with whole-food, fermented vitamins, so you'll get more of the nutrients needed to support your mitochondria – the powerhouse of your cells – in supplying your daily energy.*


What vitamins should I take for energy?

Fermented B vitamins help your body convert proteins, fats and carbs into energy, making multivitamins and a B Complex key to maintaining your energy.* Our B-vitamins are fermented, making them a great addition for your overall energy levels. New Chapter’s Perfect Energy multivitamin is crafted with complementary herbs such as Maca, organic Green Tea, and organic American Ginseng.

What are natural sources of energy?

Foods such as brown rice, spinach, and apples all have nutrients that can help keep you energized.

New Chapter supplements are a great way to ensure you body gets balanced levels of energy.* Our Coenzyme B Food Complex, Perfect Energy™ Multivitamin, and Rhodiola Force 100 and 300 deliver phytonutrients and vitamins that are essential to keeping you feeling energized.*

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