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Fitness & Exercise

A daily regimen for your workout and recovery.


NEW herbal supplements for your workout

For every day fitness: Daily Workout + Recovery is expertly formulated to support your whole fitness journey from strong workouts to effective recovery.* Tested for your assurance, this herbal blend includes potent Ginger, powerful Astaxanthin from organic algae, pure Cordyceps mushroom, and organic Turmeric.

For competitive training: Elite Performance + Recovery™ is expertly formulated with clinically studied herbal ingredients to enhance elite-level physical benefits for your intense training cycles & PR goals.* This precision blend includes Astaxanthin to increase power output, clinical-strength Grape Seed to enhance lean muscle, and Ginger for muscle pain relief.*

Training calendar: For best results, use these sports supplements daily—whether it's a training day or rest day. Clinical studies resulted in a pain-relieving benefit in as little as 9 days, and benefits such as immune support, increased endurance, and improved power output were observed over weeks of continued use.*

Our Ingredients

picture of astaxanthin

Powerful Astaxanthin

A rare plant-nutrient with powerful antioxidant action.*

picture of astaxanthin

Elite Grape Seed

Elite Performance + Recovery includes 300 mg of Grape Seed extract to maximize performance-it's clinically studied to enhance lean muscle mass.*

picture of astaxanthin

Potent Ginger

A clinically studied dose of Ginger supports post-workout muscle pain relief and supports a healthy inflammation response for balanced recovery.*

picture of astaxanthin

Pure Rhodiola

Synergistic Rhodiola rosea to enhance endurance is included in complementary herbal Boosting Blends, along with Cordyceps mushroom, Green Tea, and Maca.


A leader in supplement quality

Committed to Non-GMO: New Chapter® was one of the first in our industry to commit to avoiding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) whenever possible.

Tested for Athletes' Assurance: Tested by an independent third party for substances prohibited by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency).

Tested Effective: Well Shield™: How do you know your supplement is working? Our science proves that these products work at the cellular level for overall health & longevity (as shown in pre-clinical lab testing).

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