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Healthy Aging

Feel empowered year after year with New Chapter’s healthy aging supplements.

Growing older comes with its specific challenges and opportunities, but it’s important to remember what your body needs to age gracefully.

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Live life sustainably and responsibly.

The key to longevity and healthy living is taking care of your body. Nature offers profound support for your overall well-being, and New Chapter’s carefully selected herbs, vitamins, and mushrooms offer support for various aspects of aging.*

Whole life-cycle mushrooms support a healthy life.

Medicinal mushrooms provide your body with unique qualities that support a healthy immune system, liver, respiratory system, state-of-mind, and healthy aging.* New Chapter’s DNA-tested and Identity Assured mushrooms are 100% vegan and U.S.A.-grown. And we include Reishi, one of the most revered tonic mushrooms, in our LifeShield™ supplements.


How do antioxidants support healthy aging?

Antioxidant action helps to prevent, repair, and reverse cellular damage from free radicals, including age-related damages at the cellular and tissue levels.* Our supplements support everyday vitality for healthy, active aging.*

What are the aging benefits of tonic mushrooms?

Mushrooms have long been revered as medicinal, and are known to help with the many effects of aging such as stress, fatigue, need for blood pressure support, respiratory support, and a weakened immune system.*

Which vitamins and herbs are known to promote youthful skin?

Astaxanthin, Biotin, and Vitamin C are some ingredients that help promote youthful skin.

For example, Astaxanthin works at the cellular level to your skin from damage, and is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve elasticity.*

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