Turmeric, elderberry, and 10-herb inflammation supplements displayed with a mortar and pestle Turmeric, elderberry, and 10-herb inflammation supplements displayed with a mortar and pestle

Herbal Supplements

Add the power of herbs to your daily regimen.

Plant Wellness, Your Way

Herbal supplements that work for you.

Feel the wellness difference with the power of herbs in our 100% vegetarian supplements. Recognized by cultures around the world for thousands of years and backed by science, herbal compounds can provide essential benefits for your health needs. New Chapter herbals come in convenient daily capsules, or fermented Turmeric Booster Powder to add to smoothies.

Different herbals for different wellness goals.

Whether your goal is to maintain healthy blood pressure, or you want to boost your immune system, we have an herbal supplement for you.* Create a personalized regimen to maintain your blood sugar, enhance alertness, support hormone or prostate health, or other essential benefits, all available in a convenient daily dose.*

Get a whole-food boost.

Balance your breakfast, lunch, or after-workout routine with our organic, Fermented Booster Powder: it can transform daily recipes into an easily digestible dietary supplement. Our fermented Turmeric powder supports brain, heart, and healthy inflammation response.*

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Q&A: Herbal Supplements

What is a whole-food herbal supplement?

It’s an herbal supplement made the way nature intended: with whole foods. New Chapter whole-food supplements maintain the food’s natural profile of compounds, giving you the power of the whole herb, vegetable, fish, mushroom, berry, or flower. That way, your body can recognize and use these supplements for their wellness benefits, just like food. 

What are full-spectrum phytonutrients?

Many companies break apart elements from an herb, and offer supplements containing one concentrated chemical (for example, a curcumin extract that’s been isolated from whole Turmeric). New Chapter is different. We unlock and concentrate each plant’s phytonutrients through fermentation and science-backed extraction methods, with no harsh chemical solvents. You can rest assured that our potent herbal extracts are made using only gentle carbon dioxide (supercritical) or traditional extraction methods, and offer a plant’s broad spectrum of beneficial phytonutrients in their natural profile.

Are there any artificial substances in New Chapter herbal supplements?

There are no synthetic fillers or binders, no artificial flavors or colors, and no artificial preservatives in our herbal supplements. Instead, our herbal supplements provide you with high-quality, pure and potent, whole-food ingredients that nourish your body and mind. We test our products for heavy metals, adulterants, solvents, and pesticides, making sure they fall within industry standard. Plus, each formula is crafted by holistic practitioners and validated by a team of scientists for further purity and dedication.

How does New Chapter source their herbs and other ingredients?

We’re committed to creating sustainably sourced products that are good for you, and good for the planet. So we travel the world to source each herb and ingredient where it grows best: Turmeric in India, Maca in Peru, and organic Chamomile in Egypt. As a certified B Corporation, it’s our job to put the welfare of people and planet first when it comes to sourcing and quality (and everything else!).

Why take New Chapter Booster Powder?

Our fermented Booster Powder formula helps you take your smoothie to the next level with targeted wellness benefits.

Turmeric is a long-revered source of phytonutrients, and our organic Fermented Turmeric Booster Powder supports brain health, heart health, and a healthy inflammation response.* This versatile powder is formulated for absorption, made with whole, fermented Turmeric that the body can recognize as food.

What are some ways to drink Fermented Booster Powder?

You can mix our Fermented Booster Powder in milk, juice, shakes, or smoothies. Check out our delicious, good-for-you recipes for lots of ways to use Turmeric Booster Powder.

Do powder supplements have the same nutritional benefits as capsules or tablets?

Yes! Our Booster Powder is fermented with clinically studied strains of probiotics, and our Turmeric capsule supplements have comparable benefits per serving. Explore our Booster Powder’s supplement facts for more information.

Do fermented Booster Powders maintain the natural integrity of their ingredients?

All New Chapter supplements maintain the natural integrity of their ingredients. We’re committed to using whole fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are full of nutrition. Our Booster Powder is no exception. It’s even blended with fermented ingredients that encourage whole-body wellness, featuring immune system support.