New Chapter daily multiherbal supplements surrounded by herbal ingredients New Chapter daily multiherbal supplements surrounded by herbal ingredients

One Daily Multiherbals

Pure and potent blends of healing herbs, in the first ever once-daily supplement.

Your Multivitamin’s Herbal Soulmate

Multiherbal blends that work as hard as you do.

Herbs: they work for your wellness. How? Certain herbs have remarkable healing compounds with scientifically studied benefits. That’s why cultures around the world consume potent herbs like Turmeric every day. But while many Americans today are focused on good nutrition and taking a multivitamin, our daily eating patterns may have us missing out on herbs. That’s where New Chapter multiherbals come in.

The perfect complement to your multivitamin.

It’s as simple as taking your daily multi! Our One Daily Multiherbals enhance your daily multivitamin with serious herbal support. Get the scientifically studied benefits of nature’s powerful herbs in a convenient once-daily pill.

First-of-their-kind multiherbal formulas.

The herbs you need, none of the confusion. Our expert herbalists make it easy with the first ever multiherbal formulas featuring clinically studied botanicals. Find the best multiherbal for you, from holistic wellness to sleep, stress, or energy support.*

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Q&A: Multiherbals

Why are herbs so important?

Herbs have healing power. They contain such unique compounds, and generations of healers have passed down knowledge of herbs that replenish energy, soothe the body, and more. New Chapter’s One Daily Multiherbals are inspired by these traditions: powered by nature, grounded in science.

Are there any artificial substances in New Chapter multiherbal supplements?

Our One Daily Multiherbals are made with the finest non-GMO, whole foods from around the world—sustainably sourced where they grow best. We test it all for quality, purity, potency, and identity so you can be sure you’re getting everything you need, nothing you don’t. No synthetic fillers or binders, no artificial flavors or colors, no artificial preservatives.

Why take New Chapter multiherbal blends?

At New Chapter, we unlock and concentrate each plant’s phytonutrients for your body to properly absorb. We ferment key herbs and use gentle extraction methods—with no harsh chemical solvents. Plus, our different One Daily Multiherbals deliver pure and potent healing herbs for different health needs.

Holistic offers whole-body wellness. This one-daily multiherbal has three traditional superfoods that support heart, brain, mood, and holistic health.*

Energy Boost is your herbal system for dialing up energy and stamina, with herbs to enhance endurance even during times of exhaustion.*

Wake up refreshed with Sleep Well, our multiherbal supplement that promotes longer, more restful sleep.*

Stress Relief helps you chill out. Feel calm and balanced with support for physical and mental stress.*

How do I take One Daily Multiherbals?

Add multiherbals to your daily regimen! Pair your favorite New Chapter One Daily Multivitamin with the One Daily Multiherbal that fits your needs. It’s like giving your multivitamin an herbal soulmate.