New Chapter Rebrand Makes Finding Supplements Easy

New Chapter Rebrand Makes Finding Supplements Easy

Aug 6th 2020

Welcome to the Next Chapter in New Chapter!

A modern take on vintage apothecary labels. Hand-crafted elegance. Beautiful botanical illustrations. Clear, easy-to-understand wording. We’re talking New Chapter’s fresh, new look for our line of natural vitamins and supplements. One of the original whole-food supplement brands, our Vermont-based company was founded in 1982 with a purposeful mission to nurture people and planet. New Chapter’s packaging and website re-design make it easy to find the high-quality supplements that are right for you and your wellness journey.

Why a Fresh Design?

A LOT goes into every bottle of New Chapter supplements. At New Chapter, we believe that nature got it right the first time which is why we start with the finest ingredients, ethically sourced from where they grow best. Then we test each ingredient to make sure they’re as pure and potent as possible. We ferment our nutrients to transform the way they’re accepted by your body. We innovate by combining these powerful ingredients and ancient tradition with modern science. And above all, we design our vitamins so your body can actually absorb their natural goodness.

Why so much attention to detail? Because it’s our mission to revolutionize natural wellness and help people on their unique wellness journey… and simply because, we believe it’s the right thing to do.

Our new design reaches back to our roots: a nod to ancient healing traditions combined with modern science. We believe that our packaging is there to remind you of what goes into each of our products and to also help make it easy for you to find supplements you’re looking for.

What Looks New for New Chapter?

New logo: Our new logo is a modern evolution of our book-leaf icon with a sleeker design and infusion of lift and movement. This new book-leaf further illustrates New Chapter’s commitment to combining the best of nature with time-honored healing traditions and modern science.

New Chapter new logo and pacakge

New packaging: Our new product packaging provides you with all the information you are looking for when deciding which supplement is right for you. Our designers were inspired by vintage apothecary jars and sketchbooks from botanical illustrators. In these sources, we found everything had a place and a label—all information is carefully captioned and organized. Our new boxes have exquisite hand-drawn ingredient illustrations by a local Vermont artist. Not only can you read about how each product is infused with special care, you can see the richness that connects you to nature on every box.

New Chapter new websiteNew website: It’s all about helping you experience a new chapter in wellness. Our updated website is designed to be a friendly place to research what’s right for you. A place to unlock nature’s perfect health benefits. Find out: 

  • What each product does for you
  • How ingredients are sourced
  • How we make the product
  • How we nurture Mother Earth

So, What Can I Expect?

First, let’s talk about what’s staying the same. New Chapter’s products have NOT changed. These are the same authentic formulas you know and trust. No GMOs. No harsh chemical solvents. And no subpar ingredients. The look may be new, but please know these are the same, authentic formulas made with the same, unwavering integrity.

New packaging has started to ship for some products, and we will continue to transition all products in the coming weeks. (We’re busy!) This means you’ll probably see our new look online, in stores, and in your mailbox soon. But it will take a little while for everything to make the change.

We appreciate your loyalty during this transition. In some cases, what you see on our website might look different than what’s delivered to you. If you have questions, please contact us any time.

Please explore and enjoy! We’re excited to help you choose the best supplements for your individual wellness journey. Welcome to the next chapter in New Chapter!