Healthy Habit #1: Eat Breakfast

Healthy Habit #1: Eat Breakfast

Apr 2nd 2020

Is a daily breakfast smoothie your path to wellness? Can your morning veggie burrito save your life? Signs point to yes!

A 2019 study supports the link between eating breakfast daily and having a longer, healthier life—specifically from better cardiovascular health. The study concluded that skipping breakfast was associated with increased risk of early death. But the truth is, many of us aren’t that into breakfast. We tend to rush through the morning and we only get around to eating later in the day. One survey shows that the average person eats breakfast just 3 times a week, while another study found 1 in 10 Americans skip breakfast completely, and that number goes up to 28% for males age 18-34.

If something as simple as breakfast can help with longevity, how can you make sure it’s a solid part of your morning routine? Here are 3 tips for breakfast success:

1. Eat within a few hours of waking.

You don’t have to eat the minute you get up, but do try fueling up within a few hours to get the benefits of breakfast, which include improved cognitive function. Even if you’re not super hungry, think of breakfast as a favor to your body (and brain) for the day.

2. Lower that glycemic load.

It’s recommended to avoid breakfasting on foods that will spike blood sugar and leave you crashing later, like pastries or sugary cereal. Go for whole foods that can provide sustained nutrition all morning. Good choices include yogurt, nuts, beans, eggs, whole-grain bread, fruit, and oatmeal.

3. Try DIY.

Skip the coffee shop and make your own breakfast to be sure you get a healthy mix of nutrient-rich foods. It can be fast and easy… and delicious. Read on for a great recipe to try.