3 Wellness Tips for a Great Day

3 Wellness Tips for a Great Day

Aug 18th 2020

Wellness and self-care look a lot different in 2020. With some of our favorite activities off the table, it might feel tough to achieve the typical rest and relaxation you look forward to. But there are still easy ways to de-stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Try adding these 3 wellness tips to your daily schedule. Targeted herbs, active brain games, and the right supplements can uplift mood and promote a more well-rounded, balanced routine.

vitamins and herbs for stress

Use Natural Remedies to Help with Stress

Tip #1: Chill Out with Herbs. Before you reach for the coffee pot again, try putting the kettle on. There are plenty of herbal teas recommended for their calming effects. Chamomile might be the most well-known and widely used. This daisy-like flower appears in plenty of soothing teas and was shown in a 2016 study to reduce symptoms in people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Other options to brew up are peppermint (even just the aroma can help!), valerian, and lemon balm. Check your local grocery store or specialty shop for even more varieties.

Lavender tea is also a popular option. If you can’t get past the taste, try using lavender essential oil instead—add it to an aromatherapy diffuser or mix into a gentle massage oil. Lavender has been shown to support the nervous system and help with moderate anxiety and depression. Another common way to use this feel-good aroma is to incorporate it into your bedtime routine (hello, bath salts and pillow spray) to help stave off late-night racing thoughts.

You can also take a targeted supplement formulated with stress-busting natural herbs. New Chapter’s One Day Multiherbal Stress Relief features a blend of organic Ashwagandha, Black Seed, Reishi mushroom, and Holy Basil. This formula delivers powerful adaptogens (read: healthy plant extracts that combat stressors), including clinically studied Ashwagandha that helps the body handle physical and mental stress, and Black Seed (Nigella) that’s clinically studied to support healthy mood and reduce occasional anxiety.* All New Chapter supplements are tested for quality, purity, and potency so you’re getting everything you need—and nothing you don’t—with each dose.

taking a break with herb tea

Take Regular Breaks During the Day

Tip #2: Plan Your Schedule to Include Work AND Breaks. Whether you’re working from home, in the office, or are just prone to unintentional online scrolling (don’t worry, we’re suckers for dog videos, too), it’s far too easy to stay parked in front of a screen all day. Even a day packed with personal errands and other to-dos can take a toll on your mental state! So, in addition to your daily schedule of tasks or meetings, make sure you’re adding plenty of breaks for your mind and body.

An easy way to make sure this happens is to schedule these breaks just as you would an important appointment. Find time on your calendar and block it off for quick walks, making lunch, or even just reading a book or magazine (not your phone!) for 15 minutes. The relief from screens and assignments can help you mentally reset and improve future productivity. In fact, taking breaks has been shown to relieve the fatigue that can hinder decision-making abilities. Yes, please!

And what about wrapping up your day? If you find it hard to officially sign off when it’s time to stop working, try turning off work-related notifications during set hours. You can also create an end-of-day calendar reminder to pause until tomorrow. Another idea: plan an activity that forces you to switch gears. A date to walk with a friend is a great way to socialize and raise your heart rate at the same time!

person doing a crossword puzzle

Challenge & Support Your Mind

Tip #3: Use Puzzles and Supplements to Boost Brainpower. Brain games like Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and even apps on your phone are more than just fun. They can help your mind stay sharp by stimulating certain thinking skills. According to a 2016 study, reaction time, processing speed, short-term memory, and other mental skills in older men were all helped by these types of games. Might as well get into the habit now! (Your future self will thank you.)

To get the most benefit out of brain puzzles, make a point to switch up the type of challenge every so often for variety. And be sure to complement the mental activity with a nutritious diet and plenty of exercise. Heart-healthy habits, in particular, can lead to a healthy brain, and mental stimulation acts as the cherry on top.

If you’re already a master puzzler, exercise regularly, and eat healthy, there’s one more tool for your brain-health toolbox: brain supplements. Now we’re not talking IQ pills like in the movies. Rather, whole-food supplements formulated with Nature’s ingredients, like fish oil or tonic mushrooms, can be taken daily to help enhance brain health and mental clarity. New Chapter ®’s Wholemega™ Fish Oil softgels use sustainably caught 100% Wild Alaskan Salmon oil to give you pure, brain-supportive Omega-fatty acids. They’re a great addition to your healthy day, especially if you’re not getting enough Omega-3s from your diet alone. Our wild fish oil is extra-virgin and fresh-pressed so you can absorb the wild salmon’s full profile of fatty acids.

Another option is our Mind Force™ supplement, which is a blend of nootropic organic mushrooms like Reishi and Lion’s Mane. These types of mushrooms promote mental clarity, normal brain function, and cognitive support.* Plus our mushrooms are gently steamed to crack the cell walls and release the potent compounds, so your body can absorb their natural goodness.

The Many Dimensions of Wellness

A happy and healthy life is worth working on. And active planning really helps you create something that works, from morning routines to daytime coping to steps for good sleep. We often talk about wellness in terms of simply promoting good health, or the absence of illness or disease. In reality, wellness encompasses your physical, mental, and social well-being. It’s a holistic concept—some even think of the dimensions as an interlocking wellness wheel. When you create a wellness routine, you’re taking the necessary steps to lead a happy life. Think about actions YOU can take to address the many dimensions of wellness, and starting building your healthy day… every day!