Remembering 2018: Wellness Trends We Love

Remembering 2018: Wellness Trends We Love

Dec 31st 2018

Photo courtesy Joyous Health

What will you remember most about 2018? When it comes to supporting your own well-being and vitality, here are 4 favorite trends from the past year.

  1. One of the biggest continuing trends is self-care. Your self-care journey is an ongoing adventure, and it’s an important one. In a way, self-care is the new healthcare, as we can each cultivate our own resilience and comfort. Self-care is the ultimate “you do you.” YOU are the best person to stand up for yourself and to nurture your needs. Some of the ways we’ve seen people finding balance in 2018 include:

    • Giving yourself permission to say “no” more often
    • Taking time to listen (including listening to yourself)
    • Decluttering (if it’s not sparking joy, say goodbye!)
    • Noticing when you’re feeling stressed—just noticing is a big deal
    • Taking time to breathe

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  2. Probiotics love prebiotics. Probiotics are a good thing. In 2018 we also recognized the need to fuel probiotics with prebiotics as they journey into your microbiome. Our Probiotic All-Flora includes prebiotics in a uniquely fermented Aloe blend that’s designed to feed our clinical strength probiotic microorganisms so they really thrive. (The blend has postbiotics too: the beneficial compounds produced by probiotic activity.)
  3. Bowl me over—with smoothie bowls. Does a smoothie with a straw seem so old-fashioned? Meet delicious smoothie blends served up by the bowl, complete with garnishes and a spoon. Savor every bite as you make a meal out of blended goodness, like Jennifer Hanway’s Gut Healing Pumpkin Spice Smoothie.
  4. Meet your matcha! From matcha lattes to matcha mochi, this bright and powerful green tea powder seemed ubiquitous this year. And it packs a healthy punch. One cup of matcha tea has the antioxidants of several cups of brewed green tea. Kind of like New Chapter’s Green & White Tea Force—which packs phytonutrients equivalent to 10 cups of tea in just one serving (2 capsules).

What were your wellness favorites in 2018?