Remembering 2019 Wellness Trends

Remembering 2019 Wellness Trends

Dec 19th 2019

Looking back at this year from our little corner of Vermont, here are a few of the 2019 natural ingredients and healthy trends that we’ll remember.

Saying yes to nootropics

The brain-bettering supplements you see in the movies may not exist (yet). But nootropics—supplements that can enhance cognition—are totally real. Lion’s Mane and Reishi are nootropic mushrooms that provide cognitive support and promote normal brain function.* They’re both in our mental clarity supplement, LifeShield™ Mind Force, made with highest quality, USA-grown, organic mushrooms.

Hot for cold brew

Cold brewing coffee has been popular for a while, but does it feel like we reached peak cold brew in 2019? People were talking about techniques, varying caffeine levels, smoothness, and DIY rigs versus custom carafes. We’re here for all of it. How is this a wellness trend, you ask? Studies continue to link coffee to health benefits, including energy support, liver health, heart health, overall longevity, and DNA repair. Of course, your coffee intake is up to you (and your healthcare professional), but a tall cold-brewed coffee on a summer morning can be a wonderful thing.

Feeling good again with adaptogens

They’re in podcasts, they’re on morning shows, they’re all over social media—adaptogens are HOT. And for good reason, since adaptogens are botanicals that help the body handle stress, and the world has been pretty stressful lately. Check out our 4 tips for boosting adaptogen intake with our favorites: Rhodiola, Reishi, Holy Basil, and Maca.

You can’t beat beets!

Beets (aka beetroot or Beta vulgaris) are nutrient-packed, high in fiber, and bursting with phytonutrients including betaine (a precursor of choline). Beets are a nice source of simple carbs that help fuel the body. Lately, beet powder has gained popularity as a supplement known to contain nitrates (also in celery juice, another 2019 phenom) that help with blood flow and blood pressure. New to the New Chapter family of products, our organic Plant Protein+ Fuel & Replenish powder helps kickstart your day with great-tasting protein that includes digestive enzymes for better absorption, and a custom recovery blend with organic beet. Yum!

The power of vulnerability

It’s so important (and so hard) to acknowledge feelings and fears. Research shows that sharing your true feelings and vulnerabilities can be excellent for healing out loud and for growing as a human. Openness and real talk can help build emotional strength and help you stand up in the face of challenges. That’s incredibly powerful stuff. We’re looking forward to learning and sharing more in the 2020s.

More New Chapter products!

This year we launched a bevy of exciting products, carefully formulated to benefit multiple areas of wellness. Visit our site to check out new protein powders, collagen formulas, highly absorbable Magnesium powders, more probiotics, and more vitamins (fermented for better absorption, of course!). Which was your favorite New Chapter this year?

What will YOU remember about self-care and feeling great in 2019? What are you looking forward to in the new year?