Men's Wellness

Men’s Wellness: Three Key Areas

Daily nourishment

Achieving 100% is often the standard for “perfect”, and it would be easy to assume that consuming 100% of the recommended daily value (DV) listed on the nutrition and supplement facts panels of our foods and supplements would be ideal. In reality, the 100% value is typically set as the minimum daily level needed to avoid deficiency.
New Chapter believes that simply avoiding deficiency misses a major opportunity to promote wellness. So we set each nutrient’s potency level in our multi-vitamins based upon supporting optimal health, not just overcoming nutrient deficiency.

Prostate health

For tens of millions of men, especially those over 40 years old, maintaining normal urine flow is important. That’s because as a man ages, the prostate naturally tends to increase in size. This can cause the urethra to narrow and decrease urine flow. Two important things to remember about maintaining healthy prostate function and prostate health:

  • Diet and nutrition can have an impact on prostate health and healthy prostate function.
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Whole-body inflammation response, Whole-body health

When most of us think of our body’s natural inflammation response, we think of what we feel -- in our joints, our back and our neck. The truth is, the body’s natural inflammation response can affect every major organ system. Given the link between this response and whole body health, we believe promoting a healthy inflammation response is as fundamental as a daily multi-vitamin*.

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‡ SPINS 2011

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