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Our Fermentation Difference

Give your body nourishment it can use.

Are you getting the most out of your multivitamin? Look for vitamins & minerals that are formulated for absorption, including fermenting key nutrients with probiotics & whole foods.

Multivitamins Your Body Can Actually Absorb

We ferment vitamins and minerals in our multivitamins. Why that extra step? Because whole-food fermentation helps to break down key nutrients. It's part of carefully crafting our supplements so your body can really get the goodness packed within. We think the best fermented vitamins come from this transformative, proprietary process.

How our fermentation process works

Step 1

Organic good yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is mixed with natural plant carbohydrates.

Step 2

Targeted nutrients (vitamins and minerals) are added to the yeast solution.

Step 3

Organic, non-GMO soy and additional organic whole foods, such as alfalfa, carrot, and orange peel, are added for continued fermentation.

Step 4

The yeast begins to biotransform the vitamin or mineral by absorbing the nutrient into its cell structure and breaking it down.

Step 5

Enzymes from tropical fruit are added to slow down fermentation and break down the cell walls; think of it as tenderizing.

Step 6

Probiotic bacteria L. acidophilus, B. bifidum, and L. rhamnosus are added and low heat is applied to complete the fermentation process.

Step 7

Individual fermented nutrients are intelligently blended with herbs supporting each lifestage’s needs, then tableted to create our whole-food fermented multivitamins.

The Art & Science of Fermentation

Why ferment vitamins and minerals?

If you’re taking an unfermented multivitamin, your body may not be getting the most out of the product you’re trusting to fill nutritional gaps. Many multivitamins are made with just synthetic, isolated nutrients that can be unyielding and hard on the digestive system. These multis can cause nausea or digestive upset, and go right through the body without being used to their potential.

New Chapter multivitamins are different. We formulate with vitamins, minerals, and herbs that are fermented to unlock all of their benefits. Fermentation breaks down nutrients so they are pre-digested and ready for the body. Switch to fermented multis, and you’ll get the full value out of every part of your multivitamin.

Why ferment vitamins and minerals? Why ferment vitamins and minerals?
kombucha kombucha

How does New Chapter ferment nutrients?

For each New Chapter multivitamin and single nutrient formula, we start with the finest organic whole foods, quality-tested nutrients, and clinically studied organic yeast to create easily digestible nourishment. Transforming multivitamins through probiotic fermentation is similar to creating fermented foods and beverages. Milk becomes easily digestible yogurt, soy is broken down into gentle miso, and tea becomes vivacious kombucha.

Our method uses patented fermentation technology to enrobe each premium vitamin and mineral in a transformative superbroth of organic Saccharomyces yeast and organic whole foods. The yeast absorbs the nutrients into its cell structure and breaks them down. Finally, powerful fruit enzymes complete the tenderizing process of cell-wall breakdown and pre-digestion.

How do fermented supplements support gut health?

Research shows it’s so important to foster a good environment for the gut, which is exactly why you want to take a fermented multivitamin or herb. Because they’re fermented with probiotics and whole foods, New Chapter vitamins and minerals are so gentle they can be taken anytime, even on an empty stomach. The ingredients can do their job of supporting immune health, bone health, hair, skin & nails, heart health, digestion, energy, mood, and more. Non-fermented nutrients and herbs may be more difficult to digest and absorb, causing discomfort in the gut.

Gut Hhealth Gut Hhealth
fermentate fermentate

Why include the fermentate (growth media)?

New Chapter multivitamins and single nutrients are blends of fermented nutrients and herbs with the growth media in which they were cultured, also called fermentate. Including the fermentate delivers unique symbiotic compounds produced by friendly Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast during fermentation. In other words, the growth media itself is bursting with beneficial compounds from the fermentation process. We would never throw that away.

Does yeast have health benefits?

Yes, some types of yeast are remarkably beneficial for human health! For example, baker’s yeast, brewer’s yeast, and nutritional yeast are strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a probiotic yeast known to contain trace minerals and produce immune-supportive compounds called beta-glucans. Saccharoymyces cerevisiae is an essential material in our fermentation process because its cells share many basic biological properties with human cells.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae is substantially different from an invasive yeast like Candida albicans. Think of it like the difference between kale and poison ivy—both have green leaves and are from the plant kingdom, but there the similarities end.

saccharomyces-cerevisiae saccharomyces-cerevisiae

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