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Pump up your body’s energy, with no caffeine or crashing.

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Q&A: Energy Support

What vitamins should I take for energy support?

The best vitamins for energy support are fermented B vitamins! These help your body convert proteins, fats and carbs into energy, so multivitamins or a B Complex are key supplements for maintaining your energy.* At New Chapter, our B vitamins are fermented, making them a great addition for your overall energy levels. We also offer a Perfect Energy multivitamin, crafted with complementary herbs like Maca, organic Green Tea, and organic American Ginseng.

What are natural sources of energy?

Foods like brown rice, spinach, and apples all have nutrients that can help keep you energized. Plus, taking energy support supplements is a great way to ensure your body gets balanced levels of energy.* Our Fermented Coenzyme B Complex, Perfect Energy™ Multivitamin, and Rhodiola Force™ deliver phytonutrients and vitamins that are essential to keeping you feeling energized.*

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