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Growing bodies deserve nutrient-packed supplements made with high quality ingredients!

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Q&A: Kids Supplements

What makes New Chapter gummies different?

We go the extra mile to make gummy supplements that are packed with nutrients for your child. No shortcuts, no subpar ingredients! Our Elderberry gummies are made only with real, organic fruit—no animal byproducts like gelatin. Our multivitamin gummies also have no animal gelatin, and we’ve replaced unnecessary extra sugar with good-for-you organic blue agave fiber. You can give New Chapter® gummies to your family knowing that they’re excellent quality and don’t add a ton of sugar to your kid’s healthy day.

What are Kids Multivitamin gummies good for?

Many parents rely on gummy vitamins to fill nutrient gaps for kids—which makes perfect sense as it’s hard to track what nutrients your child eats in a day! These complete kids’ multivitamin gummies from New Chapter deliver essentials for every kid’s wellness. Gummies are packed with fermented B Vitamins for cellular energy production, immune-essential Vitamins C, D3 and Zinc, plus an herbal berry blend.* Crafted with a base of organic Blue Agave fiber and no unnecessary extra sugar, these 2-per-day gummies are formulated for absorption with levels of nutrients that many young people need.

What are Kids Elderberry gummies good for?

New Chapter delivers organic Elderberry fruit concentrated 64x in a solvent-free process to deliver immune support benefits.* Our organic gummies for kids support growing immune systems with superfood-powered antioxidants from Black Elderberry (Sambucus nigra).* These delicious Elderberry gummies are pure, whole-food goodness without cane sugar or corn syrup. Sweetened with real fruit, they’re great-tasting gummies your kids will love to take every day.

What is special about New Chapter’s Kids Elderberry Syrup?

Kids Elderberry Syrup + Honey is a great-tasting immune booster for kids 2+.* It’s naturally sweetened with throat-soothing, bee-friendly honey and it’s Non-GMO Project Verified. Helps to power up your child’s immune system with pure Black Elderberry that’s been sustainably grown in Austria, then highly concentrated in a solvent-free process.*

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