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Q&A: Probiotic Supplements

What are probiotics?

The trillions of bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms in the gut and throughout the body make up our “microbiome.” They’re a unique and integral part of our overall health. Probiotics are specific types of these beneficial microorganisms that you get from foods, beverages, or probiotic supplements.

What do probiotic supplements do for you?

They’re life sustaining life! Probiotics promote microbiome health, which is powerfully linked to holistic wellness. A reliable probiotic supplement can help balance and replenish the microorganisms in your microbiome. You want specific, beneficial types of probiotics, so look for a probiotic supplement that delivers clinically studied strains of probiotics in clinically relevant amounts. (Like New Chapter’s.) 

Why is DNA-testing important in a probiotic supplement?

We think the best probiotic supplement must assure quality and effectiveness. DNA-testing matches probiotic identity at a foundational, genetic level, so you know you’re getting the exact strains listed. New Chapter’s DNA-testing also verifies that you receive the specific strains researched for specific benefits. Depending on the product, you’ll get strains clinically shown to support bowel comfort and regularity, help with healthy weight control, and support women’s health.*

Do probiotic supplements have the same nutritional benefits as probiotic foods?

Oh, yeah. In fact, New Chapter’s have more! Popular probiotic foods like yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, and kombucha are delicious, but don’t claim specific amounts of whatever microorganisms they may contain. New Chapter’s family of probiotics are optimally formulated with the right amounts of the right strains to deliver clinically researched benefits. (Check our labels to see the exact DNA-tested flora that make up ideal numbers of CFUs in just one daily capsule.) So our probiotic supplements actually have more reliable strain benefits than probiotic foods. Plus, since they support balanced digestive health, taking probiotic supplements also enhances your body’s ability to absorb nutrients from other foods.

What are postbiotics?

You may have heard about postbiotics supplements—these are sources of beneficial compounds released during probiotic activity. Postbiotics may actually convey many of the benefits that we associate with probiotics. For example, New Chapter’s All-Flora™ Probiotic is delivered with organic postbiotics from a fermented Aloe blend, to set the stage for a thriving microbiome overall.

Is yeast considered a probiotic?

Yes! Probiotic means “for life,” and beneficial yeast is a probiotic: a microorganism that supports human wellness. Many probiotic supplements can only deliver friendly bacteria without yeast, but New Chapter’s Probiotic All-Flora contains 5 billion CFU of beneficial yeast. Now that’s complete support. 

The Saccharomyces boulardii in our All-Flora probiotic supplement is a beneficial yeast that can significantly support your whole internal ecosystem. It helps reduce problematic yeasts like Candida, and replenishes healthy gut flora.*

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