Blue Agave Fiber Blue Agave Fiber
Blue Agave Fiber

Blue Agave Fiber

Our vitamin gummies are sweetened with organic blue agave fiber instead of unnecessary extra sugar.

Sourced from Where It Grows Best

Blue Agave (Agave tequilana Weber var. azul) is a drought-tolerant 6-foot-tall succulent that is native to the semi-tropical climate of Mexico. Blue Agave has many practical uses and is widely known for its fructan-rich piñas that can be extracted and converted into sugars (which are sometimes fermented and distilled into tequila).

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Blue Agave Fiber Benefits

Organic Fiber Organic Fiber
Inulin fiber from Blue Agave is used in many food products
sweet without sugar sweet without sugar
Provides fructans, 10-20% as sweet as sugar with a low glycemic index


Our Inulin comes from Blue Agave plants grown on certified organic farms that use sustainable, no-till techniques. Blue Agave is hand-planted from shoots that grow on the adult plants, and harvested by hand every 5+ years. The hearts or piñas of the Blue Agave are sliced and then extracted through a water diffusion process to deliver high-quality Inulin.

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