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Q&A: Complete Multivitamins

What ingredients are used to make New Chapter multivitamins?

Only the highest-quality ingredients go in our multis. We go to the ends of the Earth to find whole-food ingredients like Maca root, organic Elderberry, Ginger extract, organic Turmeric, and plant-sourced Calcium. We curate each supplement with select fermented vitamins, including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D3, that work together to bring you holistic wellness.

Do I need to take multivitamins with food?

Usually, yes. But New Chapter complete multivitamins are different. They’re whole-food fermented so they’re easy to digest, and gentle even on an empty stomach. We formulate our supplements so your body can actually absorb the good stuff.

Talk to me about how New Chapter sources their multivitamins?

Everything that goes into New Chapter products is about making a difference: for your health, and for the planet. So, we source organic vegetables and herbs that are gluten free, 100% vegetarian, kosher, and Non-GMO Project Verified. Plus, we travel the world to source each ingredient where it grows best: Ginger in India, Maca in Peru, and Kale right here in the U.S.

What exactly is the difference between taking multivitamins and individual vitamins?

Multivitamins combine single vitamins and minerals to give you holistic health support in a nutrient-packed daily dose. Our complete multivitamins are expertly formulated blends developed for your age, gender, or wellness needs. 

We also offer single vitamin products to target individual health needs.

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