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Q&A: Mushroom Supplements

What are the benefits of Reishi mushrooms?

Get to know one of the most revered tonic mushrooms: Reishi. Revered as an important ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reishi mushrooms help promote healthy aging by supporting immune system function.* At New Chapter, we use only USA-grown Reishi mushrooms in our mushroom supplements.* Plus, New Chapter mushrooms are grown to maturity, ensuring their full life cycle and spectrum of critical nutrients are delivered.

How does New Chapter test their mushrooms?

Not all mushrooms contain identical compounds or provide the same benefits, even if they look alike. So we test all our mushrooms (and then test again!).

We’re proud to deliver mushrooms that are Identity Assured, with every strain carefully qualified and confirmed. We use cutting-edge technologies to match, verify, and guarantee each and every mushroom strain in our products.

Plus, our mushrooms get DNA-tested. We take the time to test each strain at the DNA level, then cross-check and confirm the results with robust databases. Every batch is tested against an established chemical fingerprint for that mushroom species to verify and confirm its identity. For example, take Reishi: many companies don’t ensure that the strain of mushroom they use is actually the authentic Lingzhi strain of Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum). But we DNA test to make sure there’s a match.

Do I need to take mushroom supplements with food?

Yes, we recommend taking our mushroom supplements with food.

What is the nutritional breakdown of mushrooms?

Let’s break it down. Whole mushrooms have mycelium, extracellular compounds, fruiting bodies, spores, AND 400 different compounds! Our mushrooms strains are allowed to grow for up to 90 days—their full life cycle—adding critical nutrients and protection for your health and wellness to our mushroom supplements.
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