New Chapter® Rewards Program

We’re all about unleashing potential—including helping you get the most out of every New Chapter purchase. Earn Purple Points to use toward discounts and special offers.

Rewards cannot be applied to existing Subscription Orders, we apologize for the inconvenience.


Earning Points

Account Signup

Get 200 Points when you create an account.

$1 Spent = 5 Points

Earn 5 points with every dollar you spend at

Birthday Gift

Get 250 points on your birthday.
Awarded yearly.

Like & Follow

Earn 100 points each for following on Instagram and liking us on Facebook.
Awarded once per platform.

Share on Facebook

Earn 50 points for sharing a New Chapter Facebook post.
You can earn monthly.

Refer a Friend

Earn $5 off when you refer a friend, and they complete a purchase!
Your friend gets a $5 coupon, too!

Start Earning Points

Redeeming Purple Points
500 Points Save $5
1000 Points Save $10
1500 Points Save $15 or Get FREE Product

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For more details, see the New Chapter Rewards Program Terms of Use