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Our mission

New Chapter® is a Vermont-based vitamin and supplement company with a deeply held mission to revolutionize natural wellness. Since 1982, we’ve been raising the bar to make supplements that your body can really, truly absorb. That means sourcing excellent quality ingredients from where they grow best. It means innovating. Testing. Fermenting. Testing again. Yep... it’s a lot. And we do it all with non-GMO ingredients and no synthetic fillers. That’s wellness, well done.

Sustainability is in our nature.

Our concern for the planet is expressed not only through our sourcing and formulation principles but also with every action we take as a company. New Chapter is proud to be a Certified B Corporation, which means we define success in holistic terms that encompass not just profit but people and Earth too.

Globe icon representing New Chapter's commitment to sustainable sourcing.

Sustainable sourcing

We travel the globe to identify and build relationships with supplier partners who share our commitment to sustainable sourcing. Knowing our suppliers and the origins of their crops helps us uphold a supply chain that is both socially responsible and environmentally conscious.

An icon representing showcasing New Chapter's commitment to public welfare.

Welfare of People

Throughout our supply chain, from Vermont to India, it is our intention to engage partners whose workers are treated with respect and provided with working conditions that are safe, healthy, and balanced.

Plant and soil icon indicating New Chapter's commitment to climate-friendly farming.

Climate-friendly farming

We are part of a growing agricultural movement called regenerative agriculture. Replacing industrial practices with regenerative ones can reboot plants’ natural cycle of removing carbon from the air by sequestering it in the ground. Along with following organic standards, soil regeneration practices include rotating crops, composting, using cover crops, and avoiding deep tilling. These techniques create healthy, carbon-rich soil that is full of organic matter and holds water like a sponge.

Recycling icon indicating New Chapter's commitment to waste and carbon footprint reduction, as well as energy recovery.

Waste reduction

We compost, recycle, or reuse more than 80% of the waste we produce – everything from lunch leftovers and office paper to pallets and shrink-wrap. And now New Chapter is certified Zero Waste to Landfill, which reduces our carbon footprint and uses energy recovery to convert our waste into clean energy.

It’s in our nature to give back.

As environmental stewards focused on human health, we work to increase accessibility to organic food, farming, and traditional herbal medicine. And as a Certified B Corp, we endeavor to use our business resources to help solve social and environmental problems—in communities around the world where our ingredients come from as well as locally right here in Vermont.

Certified B Corp

Certified B Corp


At New Chapter, we delight in a culture of warmth, enthusiasm, and respect. That’s why we express our concern for the planet not only through our sourcing and formulation principles, but also with every action we take as a company. From energy efficiency, to waste reduction and shipping recycling, New Chapter is proud to be a Certified B Corporation, which means we define success in holistic terms that encompass not just profit, but people and Earth, too.

Carbon Neutral Products


Our Certified Carbonfree® products go through a rigorous life-cycle assessment to calculate their carbon emissions from field to shelf. For every unit of carbon that has been emitted, an equal amount is reduced through carbon offset programs like wind turbines and reforestation projects. The result? An overall neutral impact on the environment.
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kindle farm

Kindle Farm


This independent school was created as an alternative educational approach for boys who need something other than what a traditional classroom structure can offer. It allows them to discover and practice new ways to communicate, problem-solve, and learn more effectively.

Vermont Foodbank


This organization works tirelessly to gather and share quality food and to nurture partnerships so that no one in our state goes hungry. We whole-heartedly agree with Vermont Foodbank CEO John Sayles that Hunger in our community is unacceptable. Together we can do something about that—when we all work in partnership, we can reach those in need.

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