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Q&A: Immune Support

Why take Elderberry supplements for immunity?

Pure and potent Elderberry is a natural superfood with an impressive herbal history: numerous clinical studies point to Elderberry’s immune support benefits, thanks to super-dark fruit flavonoids that deliver powerful antioxidants.*

At New Chapter, we source superior-quality Elderberries sustainably grown in Austria for immune support products like Elderberry Syrup and Elderberry Powder . Our supercritical, clean extraction process is solvent-free and makes for maximum potency.

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are specific plant compounds that help protect your body from cell damage. Antioxidants get activated in your digestive system then released into your bloodstream, where they fight free radicals throughout your body. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage DNA and other parts of your cells by taking electrons via oxidation.

What vitamins should I take for my immune system?

Vitamins C, Vitamin A, and Zinc can all help give your body an extra layer of immune support.*

New Chapter’s Activated C Complexhas whole-food fermented Vitamin C and an expertly crafted Immune Support Blend of Elderberry and Astragalus.*

Our Zinc Complex includes a blend of holistic herbs with Eleuthero, Aloe, and Turmeric to supports your immune system and skin health.*

What herbs boost the immune system?

We source a variety of herbs for immune support, and blend together different, super-clean extracts to deliver well-rounded benefits.

Oregano boosts immunity by reducing oxidative stress. New Chapter’s Oregano Force™ has two full-spectrum Oregano extracts to help you maintain a healthy immune system.*

Then there’s the Queen of Herbs: Holy Basil (Tulsi). It’s been used for many health benefits for thousands of years, including healthy immune function, and it’s super-concentrated in our Holy Basil Force™.*

Elderberry and Black Currant also offer comprehensive immune support.* These powerful plant ingredients are in our Elderberry Force™ supplement, and New Chapter Elderberry Syrup and Elderberry Powder each have elderberry concentrated 64x for maximum benefit.*

How do Reishi mushrooms contribute to immune health?

Reishi mushrooms have been used to support immune system function for thousands of years. Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing, an ancient Chinese herbal text, classified Reishi as a “superior” herb.

Choose New Chapter’s Immune Support: Reishi & Shiitake Mushroom Blend for an organic blend of Reishi, Shiitake, and other whole, DNA-tested mushrooms.

How else can I take care of my immune system?

Live well, feel well. Follow these good habits to support your immune system. Talk to your healthcare provider about what’s best for you.

  • Wash your hands often
  • Get enough sleep (7 to 9 hours a night)
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat lots of colorful fruits & vegetables
  • Cut back on sugar
  • Find ways to reduce stress, enjoy friends & family, and laugh easily
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