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Discover the full potential of organic mushrooms.

We use both centuries' old tradition and innovative technologies to craft our LifeShield™ mushroom products.*

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Benefits of New Chapter mushrooms

Creates an activated shield: Our mushroom products are called LifeShield for a reason – these capsules deliver a protective shield for your wellness.* We blend the mycelium (the main vegetative part of mushrooms that comes together to form the fruiting bodies) and fruiting bodies (the above-ground piece) of the mushrooms, to formulate a product of potency for your benefit.

Supports your wellness: Our LifeShield™ products support many areas of health, from respiratory function to mental clarity.* Bring balance to your life with our line of mushroom products, or use one to focus on a specific health goal.

Boosts your immune system: Reishi mushrooms help support your immune system, and maintain vitality, longevity and general wellness, and at New Chapter, we use only U.S.A.-grown and fully cultivated Reishi mushrooms.*

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