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Our Science

Discover the intelligence and intention
behind every New Chapter product.

It’s in our nature to honor Earth’s goodness.

We’re committed to using ingredients you can trust—like whole fruits, vegetables, herbs, and mushrooms. We source sustainably whenever possible, nourishing body and soul with the healing intelligence of pure whole foods and herbs. We’re also leading advocates of the non-GMO movement, with all of our multivitamins and many other supplements Non-GMO Project Verified.

The fermentation advantage

All of our multivitamins are fermented with whole foods and beneficial probiotics. This unique 2-step method brings greater vitality to our vitamins, minerals, and herbs and makes them easily digestible. Our whole-food fermented multivitamins are gentle enough to take anytime—even on an empty stomach. And they include a nutrient-packed fermentate that delivers many beneficial factors including immune-boosting beta glucans.

How our fermentation process works

The mixture of yeast and plant matter in Step One of the New Chapter Fermentation process.

Step 1

Organic yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is mixed with natural plant carbohydrates.

Targeted nutrients are added to the yeast and plant solution in Step Two of the New Chapter Fermentation process.

Step 2

Targeted nutrients (vitamins and minerals) are added to the yeast solution.

Non-GMO whole foods are added in Step Three of the New Chapter Fermentation process.

Step 3

Organic, non-GMO soy and additional organic whole foods, such as alfalfa, carrot, and orange peel, are added for continued fermentation.

Yeast biotransforms the vitamins and minerals in Step Four of the New Chapter Fermentation process.

Step 4

The yeast begins to biotransform the vitamin or mineral by absorbing it into its structure.

A pineapple is added to the Fermentation formula in Step Five.

Step 5

Enzymes from tropical fruit are added to slow down fermentation.

A boiling beaker indicates Step Six of the Fermentation process.

Step 6

L. acidophilus, B. bifidum, and L. rhamnosus are added and low heat is applied to complete the fermentation process.

The whole-food formula is packaged in New Chapter bottles in the final stage of the Fermentation formula.

Step 7

Individual whole-food fermented nutrients are intelligently blended to create exclusive formulations for different needs and life stages.

Our ten formulation principles

Every New Chapter product is created following these formulation principles and their inherent spirit. We also use them to guide our work with one another and with our extended circle of retailers and customers.

Bring light

We hold the highest intention to relieve suffering and support wellness, bringing the light of health and peace to all who seek it.

Make a contribution

We only create products that are innovations and represent a “new chapter”—whether as an improvement to an existing product, as a new offering within a supplement category, or as a unique contribution to the field of complementary healthcare.

Do no harm

We employ the Golden Rule, and create products we would-and do-give to our loved ones. We aim to support human health, community, and Mother Earth with every business decision we make. As such, we are a Certified B Corporation, balancing people, planet, and profit.

Acknowledge tradition

Many New Chapter supplements are inspired by ancient herbal traditions from around the world. Like healers through the ages we deliver the wisdom of nature’s whole, pure ingredients.

Use common sense

It makes perfect sense to formulate supplements from whole foods and with a whole-food approach, avoiding synthetics, GMOs, and harmful chemicals.

1 + 1 > 2

The herbal blends in New Chapter products work together, contributing much more than the sum of their parts. And our innovations come from cross-functional teams who work in synergy to make high-quality, effective, and meaningful products.

To be open

We aim to be humble. We are receptive to surprises, contradictions, innovations, and opportunities. We tell the truth, and welcome the truth from others.

Acknowledge science

We carefully research and scientifically validate the action, identity, and efficacy of our Nature-inspired products. We rely upon experts in every field we study, whether it is enzymes, herbs, or fermentation.

To be light

The creative energies of formulation flow when we remember to work with a sense of humor and with lightness. Sharing joy helps buoy our teams and we hope this joy shines out in every product we make.

To prosper

Our ultimate responsibility is to support health and wellness—helping you to thrive in your life and work. And we hope our products and business inspires and encourages much prosperity through the Wisdom of Nature.

A leader in supplement quality

Every ingredient. Every product. Every time.

New Chapter's Quality Icon, representing a commitment to high quality products and constant improvement and innovation.

We innovate while upholding our fundamental dedication to high quality.

New Chapter's Purity Icon, representing pure ingredient sourcing and careful processing.

We take the time to source pure ingredients and process them with great care.

New Chapter's Efficacy Icon, demonstrating the importance of effective nourishment in New Chapter formulation.

We seek out effective approaches to nourish your body & soul.

New Chapter's Potency Icon, indicating that product value is rooted in potent and consistent formulas.

Our product value and consistency is rooted in potent formulas made with integrity.

New Chapter's Identity Icon, showcasing a commitment to thorough product testing.

We test thoroughly and verify the identity of each product.

Validated by experts

  • Each product designed by holistic practitioners: naturopaths, holistic nutritionists, and master herbalists
  • Each formula validated by a team of scientists: clinical physicians, toxicologists, natural products chemists, and quality engineers

Raw materials & finishedproducts strictly verified

  • Marker compounds assayed
  • Identity and composition verified
  • Tested for microbial contanimants
  • Tested for heavy metals
  • Tested for adulterants or afflatoxins
  • Tested for residual solvents
  • Tested for pesticides
  • Label claims verified
  • Identity verified

Additive free

  • NO added sugar or sweeteners
  • NO synthetic binders or fillers
  • NO artificial colors or flavors

Independently Certified

Official ICS Certified Organic certification, identifying New Chapter vitamins made with organic vegetables and herbs.

Vitamins made with organic vegetables & herbs

Official Non-GMO Product Verified certification.

Committed to non-GMO sourcing

Official B-Corporation certification, identifying New Chapter as a company using business as a force for good.

Using business as a force for good

Independent Kosher certification.

Certified Kosher vitamins & mushrooms

Official Alaska Seafood Certified Responsible Fisheries certification, indicating that New Chapter fish oil products are responsibly sourced.

Salmon from certified responsible Alaska fisheries