Multivitamin Gummies: Everything You Need to Know
Multivitamin Gummies: Everything You Need to Know

Nov 9th 2022

Many people rely on gummy supplements as part of an easy wellness routine. Gummy vitamins can be handy for rounding out your daily nutrient intake from food. Adult gummy vitamins are great for folks who want to take vitamins but don’t love swallowing pills. If you have kids, maybe you’ve noticed how gummy vitamins for kids are one of the only ways they’ll take supplements at all! Today, let’s unwrap everything you need to know about gummies, and check out the new gummies on the block that are truly different from the rest!

What Are Vitamin Gummies Made From?

In general, vitamin gummy supplements are made with the essential micronutrients you’d expect in any vitamin product. These include Vitamins A, C, D3, E, and K, as well as B Vitamins. Some gummies also include minerals like Zinc or Selenium.

In addition to key nutrients that support health benefits, gummies have ingredients that help with taste and appearance. These usually include added flavors, added colors, and added sweeteners like cane sugar, glucose syrup, or tapioca syrup. Other gummy ingredients that provide chewiness and structure may include pectin (typically from apples or citrus) and/or gelatin (typically from cows).

When we designed New Chapter ®’s vitamin gummies, we didn’t want to use animal gelatin or a ton of added sugar. Our gummies are made with no artificial colors and no subpar ingredients. We use pure, non-GMO ingredients that are quality tested and potency assured. Our berry-citrus-flavored multivitamin gummies are actually made with a unique approach to sugar content. In these pioneering formulas, we swapped out unnecessary extra sugar in our gummies and instead use inulin fiber from organic Blue Agave. The organic agave fiber helps provide structure and deliciousness, and the result is gummies that have only 2 g sugar per serving (1 g for kids’ gummies). That means you can take our gummies and give them to your kids knowing you’re consuming nutrient-packed goodness without the “candy-as-vitamins” shenanigans!