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All New Chapter Supplements

New Chapter’s Probiotic Nutrients™ deliver vitamins and minerals in the form of probiotically cultured whole food rather than the chemical forms found in conventional vitamin and mineral supplements. Research has shown that nutrients from cultured foods are more potent, bioavailable, and safer than the synthesized or isolated forms. Probiotic Nutrients are also the only line of nutritional supplements made with at least 70% organic ingredients and certified by a third party to the USDA’s National Organics Program.

Unlike conventional vitamins and minerals, New Chapter’s vitamins and minerals are food. Better yet, they are pre-digested, organic cultured food. So when you take New Chapter vitamins your stomach is NOT empty: it has inside it a good friend – cultured organic food – waiting to be comfortably digested. New Chapter’s Organic Probiotic Nutrients are also rich in ferment metabolites, bacteriocins and plant enzymes, and they are thus soothing to the entire gastrointestinal tract and promote digestion, detoxification and elimination.

New Chapter’s Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Regulatory Compliance team has many years of combined experience divided equally between New Chapter and related industry experience. From Paul Schulick, New Chapter’s Founder & Chairman, down through the organization, all New Chapter Associates share in our commitment to quality. 
New Chapter requires that all lots of raw materials used for the manufacture of our products are tested for potency markers, heavy metal contamination and/or microbiological content. Our co-processors forward this information on a Certificate of Analysis for our approval prior to use or shipping. We randomly verify information contained on C of A’s through third-party laboratory analysis.
New Chapter does finished product testing on weights, potency, marker assays, micro and heavy metals. We also do expiration date testing on a random basis for the duration of declared shelf life: 18 months to 3 years.

Short answer: they are not. We reject the theory that supplementation must be taken in huge doses of inert or bi-phasic isolated vitamins. It is a common misunderstanding that milligrams measure potency. They do not! Milligrams measure only weight and do not reflect cellular activity. New Chapter’s Probiotic Nutrients™ deliver biotransformed vitamins and minerals in their finest cultured form, much in the same way as miso, kefir, tempeh, and yogurt. Research consistently demonstrates that New Chapter’s Probiotic Nutrients are more active than conventional isolated or synthetic vitamins.

All of New Chapter's products are formulated to support the nutritional needs of the body and maintain its healthy function and structure. The FDA prohibits us from recommending or prescribing products to individuals for disease conditions, however, we can suggest that you speak with a licensed healthcare provider familiar with nutritional supplements to see if one or more New Chapter supplements may be appropriate to optimize your health.

All of our New Chapter products are formulated for adult human beings. Please consult with a veterinarian who specializes in holistic and complimentary care to see if and at what suggested usage you may use an herbal, mushroom, or nutritional supplement product for your pet's specific needs.

New Chapter's Supercritical Herbal Therapeutics are Potency Assured™ to ensure consistent quality and therapeutic results.  We require that compounds known to be central to an herb’s beneficial effects are delivered at least at the level claimed on the label. We do not isolate single phytonutrients in order to achieve the Potency Assured™ levels.  All herbs are delivered as full spectrum extract and thus contain a broad range of active and synergistic compounds.


All of New Chapter's products are formulated to support the nutritional needs of the body and maintain its healthy function and structure and are designed to be combined with one another for health support programs.  There are no known contraindications or adverse effects associated with specific product combinations.  If you are unsure which products are right for you, we suggest consulting with a qualified expert in herbal and nutritional therapy.


Yes. All New Chapter products are naturally gluten-free.

Generally, corn allergies or sensitivities are a response to the protein portion of the grain, and since maltodextrin is derived from corn starch, it rarely creates immune responses in individuals sensitive to corn protein. However, trace amounts of the protein may be present and we recommend that individuals speak with their health care practitioners about their personal experience with products containing maltodextrin to determine if they are appropriate. 


Although true soy allergies are very rare, many people have difficulty digesting unfermented soy. Whole, unprocessed soy contains nutrient blocking factors, such as phytate, which interfere with its potential benefits. Fermented soy, on the other hand, agrees with almost everyone, even people with soy sensitivities. Probiosis of soy also changes isoflavones from inert forms into their activated aglycone genestein, dadzein, and glycitein forms.

Product Usage

New Chapter® cannot provide information about combining prescription medicines with herbal or nutritional supplements. We suggest you always advise your prescribing physician or pharmacist about the use of dietary or herbal supplements. Only he or she can determine the risk for herb-drug interactions and supervise your response to the prescribed therapy*. You may also want to consider consulting with a qualified expert in herbal and nutritional therapy on this matter. For a referral database of licensed Naturopathic Physicians and Holistic Medical Doctors in your area, please visit: or
Herb-drug interactions have been identified with respect to a handful of herbs and vitamins, however the vast majority of this information remains unknown. While herbal medicine has experienced a long history of safe use, this history has not included many of the modern pharmaceutical medications that are frequently used today. By making your health care provider aware of your supplement regimen, you are protecting yourself from any known potential interactions and allowing for any future information on this topic to come to light.

Perfect Prenatal™, Wholemega® Prenatal, and Probiotic All-Flora® are the only products New Chapter recommends for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Although many herbs and nourishing whole foods have long been used to promote health and comfort during pregnancy, the majority have simply not been thoroughly evaluated in clinical studies for safety during this cherished phase in a woman's life. Therefore, we suggest that pregnant or breastfeeding women use any of our products only after consulting with their health care provider or qualified expert in herbal and nutritional medicine.

These herbal extracts, formulated by Founder & Chairman Paul Schulick, contain medicinal spices like those grown at our Costa Rican certified organic farm. These healing herbs are extracted using a dense, superfluid form of carbon dioxide and are concentrated up to 300 times. Although it is safe to take our supercritical extracts on an empty stomach, we recommend taking them with meals, as they may create a slightly warming feeling in the stomach for some individuals who are not used to such concentrated healing spices. When taken with a meal, that healing heat will work to activate phytonutrients in the herbs while facilitating optimal digestion.

Sourcing, Certification & Organics

Not yet! Currently, many of our products are either certified organic or made with at least 70% organic ingredients. As a certified organic company New Chapter is committed to the organic movement and will continue to source the finest organic ingredients whenever possible. Please refer to the product label or catalog information for the organic status of individual products.

Approximately 85% of all New Chapter products have been verified as fully compliant to the Non-GMO Project Standard. New Chapter is the first supplement company to have achieved this breadth of compliance.  For more information on the Non-GMO project and the complete list of verified New Chapter products, please visit:

All of the following New Chapter products are considered vegan: Supercritical Diet & Energy™, Green & White Tea Force, Probiotic All-Flora®, Rhodiolaforce 100 & 300™, Zyflamend Vcaps, and E and Selenium.

New Chapter’s Probiotic Nutrients™ Made with Organic Ingredients do not meet strict vegan standards as the vitamin D utilized for culturing with organic whole food ingredients in our vitamin D-containing products is derived from wool wax.

The following Probiotic Nutrient formulas contain vitamin D: Every Man®, Every Man® II, Every Man®’s One Daily, Every Man®’s One Daily 40+, Every Woman®, Every Woman® II, Every Woman®’s One Daily, Every Woman®’s One Daily 40+, Only One™, Perfect Prenatal™, and Tiny Tabs Multi™ and Bone Strength Take Care™.

Yes, New Chapter is certified by several third parties. We are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) registered by NSF International, the world's leading expert in independent GMP audits and product safety.  Additionally, New Chapter and many of its co-processors are certified to the standards of the USDA's National Organic Program (NOP), as well as, in certain instances, the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements (IFOAM) and the European Organic Standard (EEC 2092/91). The third party agency providing New Chapter's limited organic certification is by International Certification Services (ICS). Luna Nueva, our organic ginger and turmeric farm in Costa Rica, is certified biodynamic by Demeter International, the largest certification organization for biodynamic agriculture and the oldest traditional organic certification in Europe. New Chapter follows all GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) protocols for GMP compliance and is currently operating under the FDA's guidelines as mandated in 21 CFR for the food industry Parts 100 - 169. We also have a certified Site License with Health Canada's Natural Health Products Directorate, which we renew every year.

Because supercritical extracts are so highly concentrated, they will dissolve most vegetarian capsules. However, we are working with a technology that allows us to offer Zyflamend®, our best-selling supercritical herbal formula, in a vegetarian capsule.

Specific Products

Refrigeration may cause the oil to precipitate making it appear cloudy, however, the quality or beneficial effects of the oil will not be negatively affected.

Many nutritional experts, including the American Heart Association, recommend that healthy individuals consume 2 servings of fish per week or 250-500 mg of omega 3s per day. Every 2 gram serving of Wholemega delivers the 500 mg of omega 3 fatty acids from wild-Alaskan salmon along with other beneficial omegas and vital nutrients such as vitamin D and astaxanthin.  When taken daily, it provides on a weekly basis the equivalent amount of EPA and DHA contained in two and half servings (3.5 oz) of wild Alaskan salmon.  Thus, Wholemega provides a convenient means of obtaining the food-form and food-dose omega 3s so many experts recommend.

The recommended calcium intake for adults is 1000-1300 milligrams per day and is inclusive of both dietary and supplemental calcium. Since the average diet supplies roughly 500-600 mg of calcium a day, it is only necessary to supplement the remaining 500-800 mg per day. A serving of New Chapter's Bone Strength Take Care® provides 770 mg of elemental calcium from Lithothamnion, a sea plant rich in bioavailable calcium. Therefore, combined with dietary calcium, one serving of Bone Strength Take Care (3 tablets) a day allows one to meet the calcium recommendations being made by their physician and other health authorities.

New Chapter is dedicated to delivering the most effective and innovative dietary supplements available. This requires continual evaluation of available science and raw materials. With our new line of LifeShield mushrooms we were able to introduce several new innovations to mushroom supplementation.  First, the LifeShield formulations only contain species of mushrooms supported by both science and tradition. Next is the delivery of the whole mushroom lifecycle – the mycelium, extracellular exudates, fruiting bodies and spores. Each stage of a mushroom’s life cycle adds unique and critical nutrients, which leads to greater activity and protection. Unfortunately, some growers interrupt mushrooms’ life cycles after just two weeks. But New Chapter’s LifeShield Mushrooms are grown for the full cycle -- up to 90 days – to deliver the mushroom’s whole protective shield. Third is the use of superior strains of mushrooms or mushrooms that are selected for the highest Growth Potential. By using such high quality strains, New Chapter offers yet another innovation and a natural products industry first: a line of tonic mushrooms grown and crafted exclusively in the USA that guarantees potency with a minimum level of 15% beta-glucans.

No, the mushroom constituents delivered in hot water extracts have not been proven to be any more bioavailable than from the dry heat-treated whole mushroom powders featured in New Chapter’s LifeShield® mushroom products. Both processes serve to break down cell wall chitin so that the biologically active polysaccharides, such as beta-glucans, can be absorbed and used by the body. Because not all mushroom constituents are soluble in water (i.e. triterpenes and sterols), the obvious drawback to hot water extracts is that they do not deliver the full-spectrum of mushroom bioactives.  New Chapter takes a holistic approach to mushroom therapy.  We believe that the greatest benefits for immune, respiratory, cognitive and liver health as well as overall vitality will be achieved when the whole protective shield of mushroom compounds from the mycelia, fruiting body, spores and ferment metabolites are delivered.  And, because each LifeShield® mushroom product is Potency Assured to provide a minimum of 15% beta-1,3/1,6-glucans, optimum benefit is guaranteed.

New Chapter's Bone Strength Take Care was not formulated to deliver high doses of single isolated nutrients like calcium or magnesium. Rather, it was designed to maintain bone strength with whole food sources of nutrients known to be vital to this process including calcium, magnesium, trace minerals, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2.  The calcium, magnesium and trace minerals are provided by a unique ocean algae called Lithothamnion which has been shown in multiple preclinical and clinical studies to support bone health.  Although some individuals may need more magnesium than what is provided by through the combination of diet and a serving of Bone Strength Take Care to meet their daily requirements, the research on Lithothamniom suggests that both bone and joint benefits can be attained by supplementation with it alone.

It is a common misunderstanding that milligrams are a measurement of potency. They are actually a measurement of weight and only a partial reflection of cellular activity.  New Chapter uses a dual-stage probiotic fermentation process to create a whole-food complexed CoQ10 that has been clinically shown to be three times more bioavailable and possess twenty times the antioxidant activity of conventional USP CoQ10.  This information suggests that a mega dose of our CoQ10 Food Complex is simply not required to achieve benefits. 

New Chapter multi-vitamins contain herbs and cultured whole-food complexed vitamins & minerals that work together to promote optimal health and deliver condition-specific benefits – not just address nutrient deficiencies.* The nutrient needs of men and women can be vastly different – the same can be said for people under forty versus over forty. New Chapter’s formulation team takes exacting care with each nutrient in all of our targeted daily multi-vitamins to benefit the specific needs of the individual. The Every Man and Every Woman multivitamins were formulated for men and women under the age of 40.  They provide complete nutritional support plus unique herbal blends for condition-specific benefits including stress support, immune support, and digestive support. The serving size for Every Man® and Every Woman® is two tablets per day.  The Every Man® II and Every Woman® II multivitamins were specifically formulated for men and women over the age of 40.  They provide even more targeted nutritional and herbal support than Every Man and Every Woman including a prostate support blend for men and a breast support blend for women.  The serving size for Every Man II and Every Woman II is three tablets per day.  For men and women who prefer the convenience of a one-a-day multi, there is Every Man®'s One Daily and Every Woman®’s One Daily for those under the age of 40 and Every Man®’s One Daily 40+ and Every Woman®’s One Daily 40+ for those over the age of 40.  Due to space limitations, these products do not provide the same level of herbal and nutritional support as Every Man, Every Woman, Every Woman II and Every Man II.  New Chapter also offers multivitamin formulations that target specific health concerns and are appropriate men and women of all ages.  These include Perfect Energy, Perfect Calm® and Perfect Immune™, all of which have a serving size of 3 tablets per day. Finally, for women who are pregnant, nursing or wanting to become pregnant, we offer Perfect Prenatal® (3 tablets per day).

Zyflamend® is an extensively researched patented formulation comprised of specialized extracts of ten herbs and spices, many of which have been used for thousands of years by millions of people to promote health and longevity. The product was formulated based on a large body of scientific research showing that these ten herbs contain hundreds of plant compounds that support a healthy inflammation response.* The herbs are delivered in their whole form, as they are found in the diet, rather than isolated plant constituents, and many are extracted using supercritical carbon dioxide to concentrate the herbal constituents and maximize their effectiveness.

Curcumin is one of hundreds of phytochemicals present in the herb turmeric.  A large body of evidence suggests that curcumin is one of the key active components in the herb.  Subsequently, many companies isolate curcumin from turmeric and deliver it in supplemental form. New Chapter does not deliver isolated curcumin in Turmeric Force®. Rather, the product combines two solvent-free extracts of the whole herb – one extracted with supercritical carbon dioxide and other with water and ethanol.  Our dual extract approach ensures delivery of the full spectrum of turmeric’s beneficial compounds in the same ratios found in nature.  Several studies have shown that curcumin's activity and bioavailability is significantly enhanced when delivered in the context of the hundreds of other constituents present in the whole plant.

We believe that optimum safety and therapeutic efficacy of herbs like turmeric is achieved when they are consumed in the same whole food form humans have been including in their diets for thousands of years.

Yes, Wholemega is tested by independent laboratories for peroxides/TOTOX value (measures of freshness), heavy metals, PCB, and dioxins. The results confirm that the oil meets and exceeds the Norwegian Medicinal Standard as well as the standards set by the Council for Responsible Nutrition and GOED for heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins and freshness. Wholemega is also tested to verify the levels of fatty acids, vitamin D and astaxanthin claimed on the label.


Yes, Luna Nueva is an ecotourism destination point that is open to the public.  It offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the magic of the rainforest while learning about biodynamic farming and enjoying food grown and prepared onsite  For more information please visit:

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.