New Chapter’s Targeted Support for Critical Areas of Health

Take Care®: From Bone Strength to Blood Pressure and Beyond

Take Care formulas from New Chapter are a complete line of condition-specific herbal blends. Each Take Care product is tailored to support a critical area of wellness, such as bone strength, immune function, prostate protection, and daily stress support, to name a few.* Synergistic whole herbs, herbal extracts, and cultured nutrients are intelligently blended to help you take care of each well-defined area of health.

There's No Such Thing as a Magic Bullet

New Chapter recognizes that Nature’s wisdom is rarely delivered in one single nutrient, isolated in massive milligram amounts and shot into your body like a heat-seeking missile. Our bodies don’t work like that, so our supplements aren’t formulated like that. Our Bone Strength Take Care®, for example, also contains natural Vitamin K2 — vital in ensuring the Calcium actually goes to the bone, where it’s needed, not to the arteries and soft tissue, where it’s not.

The Power of the Whole

Unlike many conventional supplements, the Take Care family from New Chapter provides the benefits of the whole. These are not chemical isolates. Instead, choice whole herbs are gently extracted to preserve and deliver their whole profiles of beneficial plant compounds. The herbal extraction process, including supercritical extraction, uses no harsh chemical solvents or hexane. The results are pure, full-spectrum extracts that preserve each plant’s whole healing wisdom.

It's Easy to Take Care

Many people are interested in finding the best products for natural wellness, but sometimes the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming! We believe selecting the right sustainable, whole-food and scientifically validated products for your needs doesn’t have to be difficult. You can count on Take Care products to clearly state its action right in the name. Choose your health benefit—there’s a Take Care for you!

The Whole Truth

For thousands of years, people have relied upon the healing properties of combinations of tonic herbs.

We select only the finest and most pure WHOLE herbs, many of which are organically grown.

New Chapter Herbal Therapeutics preserve the benefits of the whole herb.

Our full-spectrum extraction process is the gentlest way to extract these delicate plant compounds in a manner that optimally preserves their potency and stability

New Chapter’s Zyflamend is America’s #1 selling herbal‡ for Healthy Inflammation Response*.

The calcium in most conventional supplements comes from limestone – rocks.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.