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Addressing the Inflammation Response the Same Old Way?

For a new chapter in healthy inflammation response, discover Zyflamend

A Natural Process

The body’s inflammation response is a natural process—part of your body doing its job. There’s an inflammation response we can feel, like in the neck, back, or joints after exercise. Did you know there’s also a “silent” inflammation response happening inside the body? We may not be able to feel it, but this response can affect every organ and cell. That’s why maintaining a healthy inflammation response is important for whole-body health.

Science and Tradition

At New Chapter, we are dedicated to scientific validation for our products. Zyflamend’s ten-herb formula is based on extensive research that discovered how botanical compounds can safely and effectively support optimal health and wellness.* Hundreds of whole, active herbal compounds work together to help your body’s healthy inflammation process.* We’re also guided by time-tested herbal tradition. People around the world have used the herbs in Zyflamend for culinary and therapeutic purposes for thousands of years. Turmeric, Ginger, and Holy Basil are common in Asian and Indian wellness regimes. Green Tea is cultivated and consumed across that same area, and revered for its remarkable properties. Rosemary and Oregano are culinary treasures of the Mediterranean. Zyflamend is also rich in resveratrol, the heart-healthy compound in red wine – part of the healthy Mediterranean diet. Chinese Skullcap, Chinese Goldthread, Hu Zhang, and Barberry are time-honored tonic herbs in the Chinese herbal tradition.

NEW Targeted Zyflamend

New Chapter understands that people may have different needs for a specific healthy inflammation response. That’s why we’ve created targeted Zyflamend for supporting critical areas of health.*

The #1 Herbal in the U.S.†  According to SPINS LLC 2014

The Whole Truth

A conventional approach to inflammation response can mean taking up to 12 tablets per day.

Zyflamend is the whole-body approach to a healthy inflammation response with just 2 softgels per day.*

Zyflamend’s all-natural ten-herb formula delivers botanicals that humans have relied on for thousands of years—no animal byproduct enzymes.

Inflammation is a natural response process that affects every cell and organ in the body.

Zyflamend has been studied at leading research institutions and has been shown to benefit multiple areas of health.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.