Wholemega Fish Oil BenefitsWholemega Fish Oil Benefits

The New Chapter Difference: Wholemega® Fish Oil

A whole-food approach

New Chapter's Fish Oil supplement offers a whole‐food approach to fish oil supplements. It's a naturally pure 100% wild-caught Alaskan salmon oil that delivers the whole, natural omegas, antioxidants and vitamin D3 found in wild Alaskan salmon – the good stuff high-heat processing can reduce during fish oil purification.

What are purified fish oils?

Purified oil does not mean naturally pure.  High-heat chemical processing can sacrifice the whole spectrum of omegas and naturally occurring antioxidants and vitamins found in fish.

Naturally whole fish oil

Wholemega's naturally pure, 100% wild­‐caught Alaskan salmon oil is sourced from pristine Alaskan waters – among the world's purest.  Like extra‐virgin olive oil, Wholemega's wild-­‐caught, naturally pure Alaskan salmon is pressed immediately after harvest.  We believe that the best fish oil supplement doesn't come from scientists, it comes from the world's best fish.

Our whole-food approach to fish oil is a difference you can see:

Wholemega Whole Fish Oil - The Difference Is Clear

Notice the brilliant, natural color of New Chapter's Wholemega Whole Fish Oil supplement. It's exactly what Nature intended. The dull, yellow color of many other fish oils, however, is symbolic of high-heat processed products. If you want what nature intended, the difference is clear. Then choose Wholemega Fish Oil.

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