Sustainability: Organic, Non-GMO Sustainability: Organic, Non-GMO

Sustainability Begins with Intention

At New Chapter our concern for the planet is expressed through our every act of business, whether big or small. We focus on everything from recycled pens and used office furniture to closed loop corrugated cardboard systems, reducing our carbon footprint and the ethical sourcing of our botanicals. We never forget the hard truth that business, by its very nature, can run counter to the planet’s well being. If you’re producing products and shipping them you’re going to do some harm. That’s why we’re continually assessing our transporting, packaging, and sourcing practices, and working towards ever evolving improvements. To us, sustainability begins with intention - and from the start, our intention has been to produce the most conscious product possible.



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Committed to organics

New Chapter was founded with the intention to support health and well being by delivering expertly formulated, time-honored herbal therapeutics. This remains our foremost commitment and guides our every business decision. Our commitment to using organic botanicals whenever possible is also abiding. Given these congruent missions, there are times when our priority must lie with delivering a healing product when an organic source is commercially unfeasible.  In every instance, we make these choices with the health of people and planet in our minds.

Taking a stand on Non-GMO

New Chapter has long been committed to avoiding genetically modified organisms (GMOs). More than 85% of our products have already been granted verified status by the Non-GMO Project. We are the first vitamin and supplement company to achieve this extraordinary depth of verification. We’re proud to be the leading advocate of the non-GMO movement within the dietary supplement industry.

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Committed to Organic & Sustainable Agriculture

We’re proud of our certified organic products and the farming methods that deliver their organic ingredients. Whether it is the ginger and turmeric we grow ourselves, or the harvest from our organic partners around the world, respecting the land – and the people who depend upon it -- is our standard practice.

Luna Nueva – A world model for biodynamic agriculture

Biodynamic agriculture takes full advantage of the complex relationship between farmer, soil, plants, animals, sun, moon and tides. It also recognizes the farm as a closed, self-nourishing system, often using livestock to work the earth instead of machinery.  We’re proud that Luna Nueva, a 200-acre biodynamic ginger and turmeric farm, nestled in the rainforest of Costa Rica, has achieved Demeter certification – the highest level of organic farming in the world and a true testament to our organic mission.

At Luna Nueva, biodynamic farming increases the farm’s biodiversity and protects the natural environment. Oxen allow us to avoid the pollutants created by tractors and other farm equipment while goats and pigs happily clear rested fields for planting. 

Luna Nueva was originally purchased in 1994 because, at that time, most commercial ginger was heavily sprayed and fumigated. Farm manager Steven Farrell set about growing a superior blue-ring ginger that continues to explode with flavor and phytonutrients. Luna has evolved to take on an even deeper meaning for the company and for the community around it.  Today it is an eco-lodge and active farm that teaches visitors about environmental stewardship, sustainable agriculture and community development.  The lodge also hosts conferences on topics like permaculture and ethnobotany and offers field study opportunities through Earth University. To learn more about what New Chapter is doing at Luna Nueva or to visit there yourself, go to:

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