Surprising Ways to Enhance Self-Care in 2019

Surprising Ways to Enhance Self-Care in 2019

Jan 3rd 2019

For many of us, mental, physical, and even emotional health choices are held together by our spiritual self-care. We recognize that our responses to the ever-changing, ever-challenging world depends on connecting regularly to what matters.

Care for Spirit

We know our choices—including yoga classes, running or walking outdoors, reiki self-treatment, or gratitude journals. These individual practices have the potential to support and help focus our days.

The good news is that even when we miss a few days (or a few months), we just have to begin again. And smile to ourselves. That’s all. Keeping it simple and keeping it real, our spiritual self-care is central to our well-being. And when we feel woven together, we tend to be more resilient when life gets challenging. Personally, I find a sense of strength, even a subtle confidence, is carried with me throughout the rest of my day after my wake-up dose of Reiki.

Healthy choices, whether meditating or taking supplements, are most beneficial when sustained over time. Support your everyday health with a New Chapter One Daily multi specifically formulated for your life stage.

Think of Mind

As you’ve probably heard, too much time on social media is often isolating & stressful. Yet it is sooo seductive! This increased & sustained stress impacts your immune system, perhaps your weight, and your mood. The natural impulse to respond to nanosecond images and messages seduces us away from ourselves and into a vortex of opinions, issues, and didn’t-need-to-knows. The fun of it often diminishes quickly. So cutting back on social media time and creating more time with yourself, your family & friends actually frees up your mind as well as supports your physical health!

You also may have heard the buzz about plants that support your immune system, healthy weight management, and balanced mood. New Chapter vitamins & supplements feature a variety of powerful botanicals such as Holy Basil, Rosemary, Rhodiola, Aloe Vera, and Maca. Add Fermented Aloe Booster Powder or Fermented Maca Booster Powder to smoothies or stir fries.

Nourish Body

New Year’s diet resolutions are often extreme, perhaps even punitive, which doesn’t rank high on the self-care scale. While changes in your diet may be necessary to become healthier and more active, taking small steps usually makes a lasting difference. Natural no-sugar sweeteners are gaining attention in 2019 as a terrific way to reduce or eliminate sugar from your diet. The benefits include having more energy during the day, weight loss, clearer skin, and supporting your heart health.

If this sounds promising but nearly impossible, start small by learning to enjoy the taste of unsweetened beverages. Pause and savor the new taste. Next, commit to a few sugar-free meals each week–oatmeal with blueberries instead of brown sugar, salad dressing with olive oil & balsamic vinegar instead of bottled dressings, and a dessert of lightly sautéed pear or apple slices. 

When you want a substitute for sugar, choose from two natural sweeteners that have been used for centuries in Asia and South America, monk fruit and stevia. These plant-based sweeteners are 100 to 300 times sweeter than sugar so tiny portions go a long way and can be used to sweeten drinks and in most recipes, even cakes & pies. Stevia and monk fruit have zero carbohydrates and zero calories, so they do not impact blood glucose.

There are many packaged sweeteners that combine stevia or monk fruit with other sweeteners so check ingredients before purchasing. You may want to avoid erythritol or other sweeteners made by fermenting natural sugars from corn or other plants.

For help with healthy blood sugar support, check out Cinnamon Force.

Enjoy supporting your personal eco-system in 2019. Keep it simple and do-able, take it one day at a time, and let us know what is working for you!

Rebecca has been a practicing reiki master since 1988 & benefited from yoga & meditation for over 20 years. She is a copywriter for New Chapter, Inc.