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Maintain your health with the power of herbs in our 100% vegetarian supplements.

Herbal remedies have been used by cultures around the world for thousands of years, and science confirms that some herbal compounds provide benefits that are essential for human health and wellness. New Chapter’s pioneering herbal supplements are created with the finest beneficial herbs and formulated to support many health needs.


Experience plant-powered wellness

Start with a One Daily Multiherbal: Our expert herbalists take the confusion out of getting the herbs you need with first-of-their-kind formulas featuring clinically studied botanicals. Getting pure and potent science-backed herbs in just one convenient pill per day is the perfect complement to your daily multivitamin.

Different herbal remedies for different goals: Whether your goal is to maintain healthy blood pressure or you want to boost your immune system, we have a supplement for you.* Explore our family of therapeutics and find a product that meets your needs.

Take care of your overall health: Create a personalized regimen of herbals to maintain your blood sugar, improve your focus and alertness, or other essential benefits.* We have a path to your health goals, no matter which path you’re on.

Quick Q&A

What is a whole-food supplement?

A whole-food supplement is one that gives you the power of the whole herb, vegetable, fish, mushroom, berry, flower, and so forth—ensuring the food’s profile of compounds is delivered in the way Nature intended. The body can recognize these supplements just like food and use them for ongoing benefits.

New Chapter herbal supplements provide consumers with high-quality, pure, and whole-food ingredients that nourish your body and mind.

What are full-spectrum phytonutrients?

Many companies break apart elements from an herb, and offer supplements containing one concentrated chemical (for example, a curcumin extract that’s been isolated from whole turmeric). New Chapter® is different, as we aim to deliver Nature’s whole wisdom. Our potent extracts are made using only gentle carbon dioxide (supercritical) or traditional extraction methods, and offer a plant’s broad spectrum of beneficial phytonutrients in their natural profile. New Chapter unlocks and concentrates each plant’s phytonutrients through fermentation and science-backed extraction methods—with no harsh chemical solvents.

Are there any artificial substances in your herbal supplements?

There are no synthetic fillers or binders, no artificial flavors or colors, and no artificial preservatives in our herbal supplements.

We test our products for heavy metals, adulterants, solvents, and pesticides, making sure they fall within industry standard. We make sure that each formula is crafted by holistic practitioners and validated by a team of scientists for further purity and dedication.

How does New Chapter source their herbs and other ingredients?

New Chapter has always been committed to creating sustainably sourced products you can feel good about taking. We source our herbs and ingredients from where they grow best, and we do so with Mother Earth in mind. For example, our organic Turmeric is sourced from its home climate in India, and our organic Chamomile flower is sourced from Egypt. As a certified B Corporation, it’s our job to put the welfare of people and planet first when it comes to sourcing and quality (and everything else!).

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