The Essential Guide to Black Elderberry: Benefits & Uses
The Essential Guide to Black Elderberry: Benefits & Uses

Oct 16th 2020

The Essential Guide to Black Elderberry: Benefits & Uses

Elderberry is one of Nature’s perfect ingredients for immune support. While it’s been used traditionally for hundreds of years, Elderberry’s impressive benefits are also the subject of multiple modern clinical studies. Long story short: Elderberry works. But what is Elderberry exactly? What should you look for in Elderberry products, and how should you use them? The first key lies in the color of the fruit. Black Elderberry is the one you want for therapeutic purposes—and for good reason. 

What is Black Elderberry?

Black Elderberry is a deciduous tree native to Europe and western Asia as well as northern Africa. Black Elderberry has been rightfully revered throughout herbal history for its awesome immune defense action. A true superfood, Elderberry can be a great immune system booster for the whole family.

Other names for this immune-boosting powerhouse include Black Elder, European Elder, European Elderberry, or the Latin Sambucus nigra. And if you’ve heard of Elder flower? That’s the same plant! The Elder flowers set and mature into Elderberries.

The color of Black Elderberries is typically a deep purple-black. This super-dark color indicates particularly high flavonoid content. Flavonoids are natural antioxidants that can have powerful benefits for human health. Science shows that Black Elderberry’s high levels of flavonoids, called anthocyanins, are linked to high levels of effectiveness for immune support benefits.

Black Elderberry is one of many types of Elderberry plants. Others include Sambucus canadensis (which can go by American black elderberry, Canada elderberry, or common elderberry), black lace elderberry, red elderberry, Adams elderberry, lemony lace elderberry, black beauty elderberry, blue elderberry, Scotia elderberry, and York elderberry.

History of Black Elderberry

The ancient Greeks described the healing benefits of Elderberry 2500 years ago, including the famous physician Hippocrates. Black Elderberry has been called “the medicine chest of the country people” thanks to its versatility and multiple medicinal benefits. Elder trees were believed to have magical and protective properties and were prevented from being cut for wood, thus preserving them for therapeutic uses.

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