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Support your bone strength with plant Calcium, not limestone.

Our Non-GMO Project Verified, non-dairy Calcium is responsibly sourced from Icelandic Red Marine Algae (Lithothamnion). It has been clinically studied and delivers magnesium, as well as 70+ trace minerals that support bone strength and joint health.* New Chapter® Calcium, as found in Bone Strength Take Care™, promotes healthy movement for your overall well-being.*


Our Calcium Delivers the Wisdom of Nature.

Our Calcium Delivers the Wisdom of Nature: Calcium plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy body. New Chapter helps the body maintain a healthy level of Calcium.*

Replenish your body’s core architecture: Calcium works to improve bone strength and density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis.† When your blood calcium levels are low – usually caused by an imbalanced diet – Calcium is taken from bones. Lost Calcium can be restored with supplements taken on a daily basis.*

New Chapter Calcium is sustainably harvested: We travel great lengths to source our whole-food Calcium. Our Calcium is harvested sustainably from Red Marine Algae off the pristine coastlines of Iceland, the Algae’s natural habitat. Instead of using pesticides or fertilizers, our wild-crafted Calcium is tended by Mother Nature. Young, living Algae are left untouched, preserving the coastal ecosystem.

Adequate calcium throughout life, as part of a well-balanced diet, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis.


What is the best kind of Calcium supplement to take?

The best kind of calcium supplement is one that contains Vitamin D3 to help your body absorb the Calcium effectively.

Compare with Calcium in the form of Limestone, Oyster Shell and Bone Meal. Instead, look for supplements made with natural sources of Calcium from plants and foods.

When do I take Calcium supplements?

Calcium supplements should be taken daily after the age of 30, when your bone mass becomes more likely to decline.

Poor diets can cause calcium to be leached from the bones even more quickly, so calcium supplements are an important addition to the diets of those who don't eat enough Calcium-rich foods, who consume food or drinks that deplete Calcium from your bones, or who lead a more sedentary as opposed to active lifestyle.

What are the benefits of Calcium?

Calcium helps with proper skeletal development and bone strength within the body. It also plays a critical role with normal muscle and nerve function, blood clotting and the release of certain hormones.

If you suffer from high blood pressure or osteoporosis, then you may be experiencing a Calcium deficiency. Taking a healthy dose of Calcium supplements on a daily basis can help with replacing lost Calcium and improve cellular health.

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